How To Find A Good Painter for Your Home

How to Find The Best Painter

The need to upgrade your house after a period of time is common among most people. Upgrade may mean you have to remodel, paint afresh and do a new landscape. You can do anything that you like with your home as long as your want to see something appealing and aesthetic in your eyes. A good painter in Flagstaff can help you change the look of your property and is therefore very important for anyone that has made up their mind to upgrade their property.

Most home owners are carried away to think that they can paint without any assistance. Even children can paint but when compared to the job done by professional painters, you will notice the quality difference. If you are not a qualified painter, do not waste your time painting because you may end up staining the image of your house with poor finished and paint jobs. As a certified pro, a professional is able to advice you and guide you on a number of issues.

Choosing a painter who is able to deliver high quality work can be an easy job. If you play your role and research well, you will not have any problems with the kind of professional you call to work at your place. The market is flooded with many people who are looking to take your money and in return offer poor services. You can avoid such kinds of people if you use the following guidelines.

Changing times is rapidly pushing everyone to use the World Wide Web. It is thus easy to look for a reputable painter from the Internet. You call restrict your search to your location and there will be a long list of reputable painters with their corporate websites to look at. Check on their reviews and monitor what people are saying about them. Using the information you see, you can decide who is best suited to work for you and who is not.

You can also get really good leads from paint stores. These stores serve a number of painters and thus you are likely to come across many reputable and qualified professionals. A simple conversation with any of the paint store staff will help you find great contact people who may end up giving you great discounts.

Advertising is very important in any business and if there are firms that have advertised on your local daily or other media, keep their contacts until when you will need to use them. Besides, most of these adverts come with offers and discounts you can take advantage of. Use the local publications in searching for the right painter.

Using referrals from friends and relatives will be useful in getting some of the best professionals. Most of the time, the companies or individuals they will refer you to, are people they have worked with and whose job they appreciated. Thus, you can trust their opinions over anyone they advice you to try out.

The difference between a good job and a bad one is determined by whoever you choose to do the job. If you do your homework right and research well, you can feel confident about  who you choose to contract.

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28 Responses to How To Find A Good Painter for Your Home

  1. Mary says:

    Good stuff! These tips are surely gonna count. I used to be I DIY girl and one downside of it was it usually takes a lot of my time and would end up calling for a pro to redo the job I didn’t do well. I’ve learned my lessons, saving time and energy is more vital. I’d go for the WWW search and look up the best ones through reviews. If I wanna have my room repainted and would also consider checking out stores with partner painters through the web, hitting two things in one resource. If it’s a nice job then he can be the next family painter because I’ll surely let my folks know who and where to hire!

  2. Joshua says:

    First of, this article is spot on and offered sensible tips for those looking for a prospective painter. Personally, I am about to start renovating my place and I am contemplating on whether I should get a professional painter or just consider it a DIY project. Now, upon reading this article, I think I would be resorting to the former option — see, I don’t have any idea about paint jobs, so I’ll be taking your word that I might end up spending more when I do things by myself and do things wrongly; instead of getting a professional who really knows what to do, and could maybe help me spend lesser. Will definitely go around paint stores and friends who just had their homes painted, and inquire about referrals.

  3. Joyce says:

    Thank you for this. It gave me an idea if ever I will have our house painted. Regarding paint jobs, what do you think is better — to go to a paint store, buy paint and ask for a professional painter, or hire a professional painter and let him decide for the kind and quality of paint to be used? Thank you so much!

    • ContractorGuy says:

      Hi Joyce, thanks for stopping by. I would recommend brainstorming some ideas of what color scheme you want and then consult with a professional painter and/or interior designer for additional feedback before purchasing anything. There’s really no right or wrong; it’s all about preference.

  4. Kenny says:

    I had no idea how many options there were in finding a painter! Any tips on making sure the painter is reputable from their ad?

    • ContractorGuy says:

      Hi Kenny, ads come in different forms, so you can’t always tell anything definitive by an ad. Therefore, it’s aways best to call and get more information; a free estimate (which is usually offered); and also to gauge the overall feel that you get from the company or individual. A few things mentioned in an ad is always good though such as keywords like guaranteed, insured, licensed and similar.

  5. calvink says:

    I once got persuaded by a friend into allowing him to paint the apartment I was moving into. Long story short, I regretted. He seemed to have used different colors for different parts of the walls. It is best to leave the work of the professionals to the professionals.

  6. Marie says:

    A good read indeed. I’ve seen many people paint houses themselves without any knowledge and end up wasting money and time instead. I would love to see more topics like these to be covered in the future.

  7. Maj W says:

    Certainly, it is better to use a professional. All of the suggested sources should be tried. The wider you look for a painting service, the better it will also be for your pocketbook!

  8. azalea says:

    I wish I could’ve read this article before I had my kitchen cabinets painted. I thought I’d be able to save money by getting cheap painting services, well…make the long story short. I didn’t like the end result so I ended up paying more to get them repainted all over again. Thank you for the good points, I’ll keep them in mind!

  9. MinaS. says:

    It’s refreshing to see a “How to” article that is not in WikiHow. This article is different from those in the aforementioned website in the sense that this article doesn’t give sequential steps on how to find a good painter for our homes but it gives advices on how to do so. It is for that reason that I find this article helpful. It gives the reader not just one but several tips on how to find a good painter. For instance, the article suggests that readers utilize the World Wide Web to search for a good and reputable painter. At the same time, readers can also go to their relatives and friends who can refer and give opinions of painters that they have worked with before.

  10. Arianne June says:

    These are the tips I’m needing upon how to find a good painter for my home, as I am planning to build my own. And yes, I agree to those tips since I do believe also that if we are going to do our homework and research well, you’ll have much confidence there to whom you choose to the job.

  11. superdiana says:

    Using referrals from friends and relatives is still the effective way our family uses when it comes to home contractors and other needs like plumbing and construction.

    We also value friendship and relationship with the contractor to build trust and confidence to satisfaction.

  12. EJ says:

    The second paragraph is so spot on. We tend to do things by ourselves to save cost, but it just wouldn’t payoff. A paint job isn’t as easy as doing watercolor on paper; not everyone can even ace a perfect watercolor painting. There are lots of things to consider and it might be too late if you don’t check on other options other than doing a DIY. Don’t hesitate to seek a professional’s help if you want a sleek job on your home exterior. It’ll be a win-win situation for both of you.

  13. dennisli says:

    The article is an interesting read. However, the title looks generic and too common. The title needs to grab the readers attention ant first glance rather than look like a cliche. Use of subheadings within your piece will also go a long way in helping your reader or audience skim through your writing. The conclusion is perfect as it calls the reader to action and informs them on the need to get a professional painter.

  14. Lan Deterala says:

    We may be able to do the paint job of our house but a good painter is on a different level. Therefore, it could save us both time and energy because they know how to do the things we like to paint in a more effective and efficient way.

  15. Nonso94 says:

    This is very true. My dad has been trying to repaint the house and it still looks the same. I don’t know how many coats he used but you can still see the previous colour underneath the new one. But I understand why people do the painting themselves because they are trying to save cost.

    • ContractorGuy says:

      And unfortunately trying to save in areas that you just don’t have the necessary and professional skills for could wind up costing you a lot of time, money and headaches.

  16. Venezia Whiskers says:

    Ask recommendations from relatives and friends. That’s the best thing to do. I really thought I could save much money doing things myself. But it ended up as a complete disaster. I had to hire professional people to repaint my room all over again.

  17. Jairo says:

    Totally agree! Visually enhancing our place is more than just making it look pretty with a nice color choice to complement the room decor, it is more of the overall quality of the job and most importantly the welcoming feeling we get when we enter the room. Besides, by having local professional painters do the task, we are helping our people and community, so it is a “win-win” situation: great quality for low rates.

  18. Sef says:

    This is on point. We often thought we can do the house painting ourselves to avoid high costs, but the results are really different if done by professional painter.

  19. Sophia Olvis says:

    Choosing the perfect color combinations for your place or abode is a tough job but looking for a great person or team to make your imaginations happen is harder. The best way to find a good painter is to ask for recommendations from people who are in the fields where they are needed more and to ask advice/opinion from people who know more about it. Just be sure to find a deal with great quality of work and a reasonable price to pay.

  20. Hala says:

    I also thought it’s better to let a professional painter do the painting. I have tried painting my room but it just doesn’t look right until I asked my dad for an advice and he said the same thing. I will definitely try to find a good one..

  21. Rhein says:

    Great advice to ask local paint shop. I did that exact thing last year. The painter they referred did a wonderful job and even gave us a little discount for his service.

  22. Gj says:

    Good painters with reasonable rates are so hard to find these days. I personally think it is best to get a tried and tested referral from trusted family and friends. At least you’re sure they can give you honest feedback.

  23. Yoko Takinan says:

    Learnt this the hard way. I thought I could save money used to pay a professional if I did things myself but not long after, I ended up calling someone who could help

  24. Vikram Parmar says:

    A good painter is pivotal to complete the job in a shorter duration of time. A professional suggestion is of utmost important in giving you guidance.

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