How to Find the Best Kind of Extension Cord Reel Online

One nice way of organizing your extension cords is with the use of an extension cord reel. Extension cord reels can help you organize that spaghetti-like mess of extension cords you may have in your garage, into a nice easy to manage and easy to use reel. If you’re like me, you probably heard about an extension cord reel from your neighbor, or saw one on a TV show. Before you go out and buy one, it’s best to know which kind of cord reel will suit your needs best. There are many types of extension cord reels and each has its own specific advantages and features.

These are the kind of reels that you spin and the cord winds itself onto or into a spindle container. These are the most common and most economical extension cord reels on the market. They’re also the easiest to use. We recommend these for the 50 ft extension cable you use with your leaf blower, or other power tool found in the garage.

The first kind of reel is your standard manual spin reel. These wind the cord into a spool container. These are probably the most typical and most inexpensive extension cord reels in the marketplace. They’re also the easiest to wind. We recommend these for your fifty to one hundred foot extension cable.

Manual-wrap: These reels are the sort that you wind the cord around by hand. These are used like the old hand and elbow technique. These are the cheapest on the market. They’re helpful in organizing your cable, although not the easiest reel to use.

The third type of reel is a wall mounted reel. Most reels offer this kind of feature in addition to being portable. These are generally more heavy duty and include a cord, and they’re a lot more expensive. These could be really helpful within a garage or shop and may wind extended lengths of cord. Do not use these in case you expecting to get your extension cord with you to various places, as these are mounted to a wall.

Bucket-wind: These reels wind the cable right into a huge bucket that may simply be transported. These work well for long and different gauges of extension cords, but may also wind many kinds of materials, like audio cable.

Retractable: This is the very best type of reel in my opinion, although they are typically more expensive. Retractable or spring loaded reels wind themselves. When you are finished with your project, just give a tug on it and the reel self winds. Don’t worry, there is a self-lock mechanism that prevents it from winding during use. These reels make a fantastic addition to any garage or wood working shop.

Now that you have an understanding of the different kinds of cord reels available, head over to this page to learn which extension cord reel is the best one on the market.

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