How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs – Tips For Success

Bed bugs are invading the whole country, they have even been found in the Empire State Building for Gods sake! Hopefully any problem you find yourself having with these miniature vampires will be on a far lesser scale but it can still be very unsettling non the less.

To begin with there are the itchy, red welts on your body, some people don’t display any reaction to the bed bug bites but for the majority the intense itching just makes a bad situation seem a whole lot worse. Secondly, you have to face the fact that your property has an invasion of bugs and you have to figure out how to get rid of bed bugs as quickly and successfully as possible.

There are a number of simple steps you should follow which will hopefully get rid of your bed bugs. However, if you discover a large infestation, in more than one room you may need to seek professional help.

Okay, here is how to get rid of bed bugs the do-it-yourself way!

1. De-clutter and clear the room. Disregard anything you no longer need such as newspapers, magazines, books etc. Place all this “stuff” into plastic bags, seal them tightly and dispose of them.

2. Remove all bedding, clothing etc. and place this in sealed plastic bags also. Launder everything at as high a temperature as items can withstand. Fabrics which cannot be laundered can be placed in your tumble dryer on a high heat setting for around 10 minutes. Alternatively you might use a steam cleaner to get rid of bed bugs in fabrics unsuitable to laundering or tumble drying. Once items have been treated place them in fresh plastic bags, seal them up to avoid recontamination. REMEMBER – you will have to inspect and treat drawers, closets etc. because bed bugs will hide out anywhere.

3. Once the room is 100% clear, vacuum everywhere in a methodical, thorough manner this has to include the bed, soft furnishings, curtains, inside furniture, even less obvious places like smoke alarms, light switches and alarm clocks must checked. It is vital that you empty the contents of your vacuum cleaner into a plastic bag and seal it closed as soon as you complete this part of the task.

4. Repeat step three this time with a steam cleaner. Bed bugs cannot stand heat and a steam cleaner gives an immediate and intense source. This will get rid of bed bugs at all stages in their development from eggs and nymphs through to full grown adult bugs.

5. If you discover any small cracks or crevices in walls or floors now is a good time to have them repaired. This will get rid of bed bug hiding places!

You could take no further action and hope that you have got rid of all the bed bugs. However, if someone asks me how to get rid of bed bugs I always suggest taking things a step further.

You can obtain a wide variety of bed bugs sprays and treatments but one which I personally have used and had success with is Bed Bug Patrol. It is 100% natural and works really quickly to get rid of bed bugs who may have escaped the vacuum and steam cleaners. From the same company you can also buy fossil shell dust and bed bug traps. These are relatively inexpensive but will effectively get rid of bed bugs. In fact you can purchase everything you need in a kit.

These steps tell you how to get rid of bed bugs, but going through this routine once may not be sufficient. You may have to repeat the whole thing a couple of times before you can declare your home a bed bug free zone!


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