How To Maximize Plumbing Services While Minimizing Costs

When you have exhausted your limited plumbing skills, sometimes the more responsible thing to do is to call a professional. Not to undermine your own abilities, but there are times when we all need to surrender to a higher power – in this case, a plumber. Though hiring a plumber can mean an added expense, there are several things you can do to minimize their costly fees and still get your pipe fixed.

Though practicality may call for looking for plumbing services that offer the lowest rates, cheaper rates do not always equate to the best service. Plumbers have different methods of charging. Some charge by the minute, others by the quarter hour or half hour. Some charge based on mileage, and others even begin charging as they are on their way to your house. When calling a plumber, do not be afraid to ask for references. It is also a good idea to check with neighbors, friends or family. Choosing a skilled plumber with a good reputation, though costly at first, will help you save in the long run since you will not need to keep calling him back for repairs.

If you are experiencing drain problems, there are also effective ways to remedy this without actually having to call a plumber. Pouring hot water down the drain daily can clear up clogs quite well. If the clog is caused by grease, slowly pour hot vinegar instead of water. Allow this to set for 20 minutes then flush out with boiling water.

Using a mesh catch is a good precautionary measure to avoid hair clogs. But if the clog already exists, a drain cleaner can easily clear this up. Drain cleaners are readily available at your local grocery, hardware or department store and its directions are easy to follow.

Discuss the needed work with your plumber, including the fixtures that need replacing. When there are fixtures that need to be replaced, plumbers usually sell you the products they have at marked up prices. This cost can be avoided if you know what is needed and can make the purchases yourself. Just be sure that the brand you buy is reliable and something that the plumber can work with.

Plumbing expenses can actually be minimized with a little practicality. Checking the pipes and fixtures regularly, as well as making sure that everything is tight and attached properly can save you the burden of having to call a plumber. If you do find leaks or clogs that need repair, making a list and giving this information to the plumber can save you on the time based rates that they charge. Taking a proactive approach always pays off in the long run.

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  1. ContractorGuy says:

    Well said, thanks for visiting!

  2. 800 Plumbing says:

    Plumbing is not a place where homeowners should be looking to cut corners! A sub-par plumbing job (either done by the homeowner or a sub-par plumber) could end up making the situation worse. It's best for homeowners to keep an eye on their plumbing system so they notice small problems early on.

  3. ContractorGuy says:

    Thank you for commenting. In order to select the best plumber for your project, there is no substitution for researching & interviewing the contractor(s) that you are considering hiring.

  4. This is great. In case of needing drainage problem assistance, Working experience is much more important compared to price! How to Select the local plumber which has experience and understanding for top outcomes?

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