How To Mend Wear And Attrition On Wooden Windows

There are books and online sites that indicate how to repair rot and decay on wooden windows. Based on the age of the house, there are different window styles. They could be single-hung, double-hung, or even casement styles. Begin by identifying the window type.

If only the window sill is decaying, then it could be a simple fix. Consult a professional carpenter to determine if the rest of the window is sound. Another simple fix would be loose putting around the sash. Loose putty allows dampness to get between the glass and wood. This moisture speeds up the rotting process of the wood. Simply remove the loose putty and replace it with new putty. Most hardware stores carry putty to perform this repair.

A casement window is hinged and opens much like a door. Cranks, levers, and handles can all be used to open and close this type of window. It’s generally paired with functional, outdoor shutters.

Easy casement repairs can be done by checking the tightness of the hinge screws, and by adjusting the striker plate for a tighter fit. Home owners can also do preventative maintenance. At least once a year the tracks should be swept out and oiled to keep the window functioning and to prevent rust.

A window that can be opened from the top of the bottom are referred to as double-hung windows. These are reliable and weather tight. Generally, the use of pulleys and weights are used. But more current styles may use springs. Common problems with this style revolve around simple home improvement mistakes, like painting the sash shut. Another issue includes sash cords breaking or fraying.

In the summer, double-hung windows are perfect for cooling a home naturally. By opening both the upper and lower sash, it creates a natural air flow. Single-hung windows are a cheaper version of this window, but only the bottom sash moves. This decreases the cooling effectiveness, but this wouldn’t matter in homes with air conditioning.

There are many articles and self-help books and websites that explain how to repair rot and decay on wooden windows. Home owners should always consult a knowledgeable carpenter to determine the extent of the damage. By knowing the type of window on the home, finding a carpenter will be easy. Then request estimates from a few different professionals in order to get the best price on making the home more energy efficient.

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