How To Open An Above Ground Pool

Each spring comes that time: time to open your above ground pool for the swimming season of summer. It has been a long, hard winter, and it feels like so long ago that your pool was open and the water was sparkling. This easy guide will get your above ground pool up and running in no time flat.

1. Begin by siphoning off any water that may be laying atop the pool’s cover. if you plan to use an electric suck pump, it is a good idea to put a plastic frisbee or similar item between the pump and the cover.

2. Carefully remove any twigs and other debris from the top of the cover.

3. Disconnect and take off the cover cable from the ratchet.

4. Take off any cover clips and water tubes.

5. Remove the cover slowly. Be careful not to let any debris that is atop the cover slip into the pool as you pull the cover off.

6. Remove the pillow by untying its string. Deflate the pillow.

7. Take out any leaves and sticks or other objects from the pool with a skimmer or a leaf net.

8. Expect the water level to be low. This occurs due to ice, evaporation, and water displacement.

9. The water level may be low. Add more. It is imperative that the water level be at half-skimmer. This will be the water level to maintain throughout the pool season.

10. Check your skimmer, pump, and filter to make sure that they are in proper working condition.

11. Install the pump onto its base. Fasten it with two pump mounting screws.

12. Attach the ground wire to the pump.

13. Put the filter onto the base.

14. Check to be sure that all rubber o-rings are well-lubricated and not worn out.

15. Tightly attach the connector between the filter and the pump.

16. Securely connect the filter hose from the skimmer to the pump.

17. If you will be using a chlorinator, connect the return hose from the filter to the chlorinator. Then, connect the return hose to the outlet.

18. Make sure that all hose clamps are securely attached.

19. Be sure that the lid cover on the pump is secured tightly.

20. Use the removal tool to remove the winter plug from the return fitting. Then take off the aquadoor, or ice-plate, from the skimmer.

21. Be sure that all the screws on the skimmer are secure.

22. Install the eyeball return fitting. Be certain that the fitting parts are all assembled before installing. Once installed, make sure to position the fitting downward.

23. Attach the skimmer weir and skimmer basket.

24. If your pool if in or against a deck, install the ladder into the flanges on the surface of the deck. If your pool does not have a deck, install the A-frame ladder. If you will be using drop-in stairs, first put bags of sand into the stair unit, then submerge the stairs in the water. Attach the handrail into the stair’s or deck’s flange.

25. Make sure that each electrical connection is grounded.

26. Power on the filter system.

27. If you have a DE filter, add the required amount of DE. Expect to ‘bump’ your filter multiple times during the initial 24 hours of operation.

28. If you use a cartridge filter, be sure that the cartridge is installed.

29. If you use a sand filter, be certain that your drain plug is in the tank. Make sure that your filter is properly filled with filter sand. You should replace the filter sand at least every two years.

30. Backwash the filter.

31. Power off the pump.

32. Turn the valve handle to the position marked ‘filter’ and turn the pump on.

33. Don’t vacuum your pool for at least 24 hours.

Now you are done. You may now swim in the pool. Have fun and enjoy the water.

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