How To Organize Your Apartment For A Clutter Free Lifestyle

Learn how to organize your home for clutter free life the easy way. This project can seem like a monster of a chore you just do not want to face. But once you get a system planned out, and once you get your first steps completed,the results can be such a relief that you will be much more eager to get going on the rest.

Rather than see this as a time of stress, try to get a new outlook for the tasks. Firstly set some goals:

* set a time when you would like to have it complete (days, months, a year – it’s up to you)
* decide where you have to start in your home
* do you want to organize your home for function or feeling?
* do you need closet organizer ideas;
* kitchen organization ideas
* do you need to do a budget for storage items/shelving etc.

If you are into visualization, take some time to daydream, picturing what you want your home to look like. Some people like to cut out photos from home magazines or even home advertising prints, and keep a box of pictures or pin them up on a vision board.

If you have never done visualization, here’s a few tips:

* think about you really want, even if you think you cannot have it
* daydream about it anyway
* stop feeling silly about this
* collect pictures of rooms – bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, you admire
* imagine what YOUR version in YOUR home would look like

Think about throwing things away – items you truly do not use, wear, and will never need. You have them, everybody does.

If you are small apartment living, this is crucial. For things you totally cannot give up, you need special storage ideas. Under the bed boxes that seal well, extra closet shelving, using those high kitchen cupboards that are half empty for storage…get an idea of all the extra space you may have.

If you have a garage or attic for storage, you are probably already using it. Take stock of how much these storage areas can be even more useful. Make sure that these places get cleaned out, and are dry. Always good to check.

If you have room for more cabinets, shelves and other furniture, but are strapped for cash, check out your local thrift stores. You may find some great deals, and you will have fun painting things to match your decor – or you may end up re-designing your colors for everything. You can really have fun with this.

How To Decide Where To Start

If you just cannot get going with your home organization, make a priority according to which spaces you use the most, or need to be the most convenient. That could be getting ready in the bathroom in the morning. Start sorting out items you use, and make them easier to use and put away, every day, in an easy spot. If you are a messy type, make or get drawer organizers, little trays and boxes, that you can toss things into.

If the kitchen is a source of frustration to you, review your use of it. Do you wish you cooked more at home, but maybe it is simply too aggravating? You may need to move things around in your cabinets, so that you can stand in one spot and reach the most used items to prepare coffee and simple meals.

If you do not cook at home, then presumably you have all those empty kitchen cabinets to store other things in.

This is an overview of some ideas to get you inspired. Clutter free living is a great goal. I hope I’ve given you some guidance about how to organize your house.

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