How to pick the correct TV Mount

With a seemingly endless range of TV brackets to choose from, choosing the correct option for your particular TV or screen can be a daunting job. We’ve listed the most commonly found options, along with a short description of each to help you pick the right one.

Under-Cabinet Mounts

These, as the name suggests, are fitted underneath a shelf or cabinet, to allow a television to be ‘hung’ rather than mounted. These are not suitable for ceiling mounting, as they are normally too short.

Ceiling TV Mounts

These are purpose made for affixing a TV to the ceiling, and usually come with an adjustable height setting to allow your screen to sit at the optimum viewing angle for any given room. Higher priced ceiling mounts may also allow the screen to be rotated, up to 360 degrees.

Standard Wall Mounts

Standard wall mounts, also known as fixed wall mounts, are the most budget, but commonly used type, and literally provide that attachment point between the wall and television. Higher spec brackets will be able to tilt the screen to up to 45 degree angles, helping reduce any reflection, glare or other visual interference for the best viewing angles, be prepared to spend a little more for this.

Tilt and Turn Mounts

Similar to standard wall mounts, these also have the option to tilt and turn, further enhancing the viewing angle, depending on the shape of your room.

Cantilever Arm Mounts

Worth paying a bit more for, as these offer the greatest level of adjustability over all other kinds of brackets, with the ability to adjust and set the screen into just about any position you like. The most expensive ones of all will even offer a rotate function, allowing you to change your screen position from portrait to landscape and anywhere between, literally in seconds. These mounts are a particularly good choice for corner mounted TV?s.

Other factors that may influence, or reduce, your choice of bracket include:The room or area that the screen will be mounted, the construction of your walls or ceiling, and what kind of access you?ll have to power and signal points.

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