How To Select The Right Jerry Can Spout

A Jerry can spout is used with water and gasoline containers. This is a popular device in the United States. Many drivers easily carry liquids in the jugs which are used with them. Once a car has the right mounting equipment the containers can be transported safely.

The wider sections of the attachments open slightly to make pouring liquids easier. They allow users to pour gasoline without spilling it. They do not leak when they are turned upside down. There are newer designs which are mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency. There are also older spouts which have been in use for decades.

These accessories can be purchased online. Consumers should always look for the cheapest source. Look for them at hardware outlets or farm stores. Some hardware outlets also have an online storefront. If local stores in your area do not have them, try shopping for them online. The attachments are affordable and usually cost less than twenty dollars. Some cost less than ten dollars. Try to negotiate a discount if you are buying several of them.

Selecting the right attachment is easy, once you clearly identify the kind of container you have. There are several styles, such as the traditional American made version, modern plastic container and the flip top European can. The jugs are very strong and the larger ones can be padlocked.

The containers only used to be made from pressed steel but are now also made from plastic. Nowadays, containers made in this style are used to hold water or fuel. They are also called Jerry jugs. The military developed several types which are sometimes available at military surplus stores. These were made of metal. Nozzles for these varieties were not interchangeable. Some people prefer the pipe that is designed with a long discontinued screw. That one can be stored in the can after it is turned around.

People also like using those which are made in the expansion fit style. One of these will not block the vent like the screw on spout will. However those are at the high end in terms of price. They are available as both unleaded and diesel spouts. Some are more suited to unleaded filling outlets.

However modern jugs made to match their spouts have a threaded mouth which is designed to make it more leak proof. The spouts thread onto the mouth of the jug and have a sealing mechanism built in. Users can override this when they are pouring. A breather tube is included in these attachments to prevent gurgling while users are pouring gasoline. Many stores now only sell these attachments. This is what is required by state laws in some parts of America. Many people still seek out the old style nozzles because in practice, they cause less spillage.

The metal container and Jerry can spout are almost obsolete and strong efforts are being made to replace them with plastic. The California Air Resources Board gives guidelines for manufacturing the new tips. People are not happy with them because they break off easily, spilling gas everywhere.

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