How You Can Install A New Furnace

Installing a new furnace can be performed by a good handy type homeowner. Here are a few things that you will need to know. I will not be able to convey precisely what I know in an article along these lines, but I will attempt to give the top things that will help the handy person kid overcome some of the major hurdles that will be encountered when changing a furnace.

The first thing for you to do when changing out you furnace is to research different new models. Do not assume you will want to same BTU furnace as you have. You may well be much better off with a smaller central heater, especially if you are changing out a mature inefficient furnace with a higher efficiency style. Also check that the dimensions of the new furnace will allow it fit into the same space, and adjust to the existing supply and return duct operate.

Next you will have to remove the particular old furnace. When you do this always carefully plan for the installation of the revolutionary furnace. By doing some careful planning you can create the hookup of the new furnace easier. Do not take apart more then is needed to remove to old furnace. Then position the new furnace to reap the benefits of as much of the existing parts out of your old furnace as possible.

Remove the electrical supply and also the gas or oil lines. Then carefully take apart the supply and return duct work. Sometimes the return duct work can simply be reattached to new furnace after cutting the appropriate hole towards the side of the furnace. As long as you don’t need to air conditioning on your furnace you can frequently just strap up the supply duct-work temporarily to your ceiling and hold it there till you can receive the new furnace under it again. Many new furnaces may not be as tall as the old ones, this means you will either need to block up the furnace and shorten the return duct, or you need to attach it to the existing duct work and then support the supply duct and build new duct to move up to the old supply. Duct-board material is easy to promote and will work well for doing the.

If you have air conditioning on you system you’ll be able to often support the indoor coil combined with duct-work and just make the swap beneath it. If you cannot do that then you’ve got to get a professional to help you to enable you to pump down and recharge the system. That process takes special license and special equipment to finish the same task.

Now that you have everything removed out of your furnace and marked so you know how it dates back together, you can slide the new furnace in position. I usually start by hooking up the actual supply duct, then the return duct. Once these kinds of major things are in place then the gas line and wiring may be installed to the new furnace. I usually be sure to use an approve flexible gas line in order that the piping part is easier. Often the electrical lines will fit in the new furnace, however if not then changing the wires is usually not that hard.

Also MAKE SURE to keep the manufacturer directions!!! Inside the installation manual one can find very clear installation instructions. Make sure to follow the many directions exactly. There also are instructions for the start up of the furnace in at this time there, those instructions will help you through the start up and check procedures. Make sure to prevent the installation manual for future reference. There are troubleshooting procedures and flow charts in right now there that will make troubleshooting a problem later in life much easier.

After over twenty years of installing furnaces I still get out the installation manual and read it, as they are always changing things that are necessary for proper operation. However after these many years I have got been able to trim the time as a result of less then a day for some installations and usually always less then two days for even a difficult one. Your time will be further then that, but with some planning ahead and creating lists from the materials and tools needed you can still finish the same task well and in a respectable amount of energy. Or you may choose to have some else get it done for you….

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