Hurricane Protection – What You Need To Know

Strong, powerful hurricanes, without exception, leave a trail of destruction and misery. The extent of the damage, as usual, depends on how powerful the hurricane was, which in turn depends on the pressure difference. Given the inevitability and unpredictability of hurricanes, it is only rational that you take pre-emptive measures to protect yourself and your family if you happen to live in a hurricane prone region. Although you cannot completely hurricane proof your home but you can make it more resilient to hurricanes so that a small to medium one won’t rip your house to shreds.

As any survival or strategy expert will tell you, any construct, be it an idea, a machine or a house, is just as strong as the weakest link. The windows and the garage door are the most vulnerable links. The roof is generally the next in line. If you are lucky enough to live in a hurricane belt and not witness, first hand, the devastation caused by a hurricane, then surely you must have seen the video footage. What do you notice? Roofs being ripped off, the garage being torn apart etc. Better design and engineering and proper reinforcements help limit the extent of the damage.

When there is a need there is money to be made. The need for hurricane proofing has lead to a number of innovations. One of the most recent innovations are impact resistant windows. These windows have a layer of plastic coating that helps absorb the force of strong impacts without shattering. Impact resistant windows are much safer without being too expensive but for these windows to work properly they must be installed by trained professionals.

If you plan on having the windows upgraded, hire contractors who have proper permits and are insured. The total installation cost, including the price of the windows is not exactly cheap but that’s the cost of safety. Finding contractors is easy, just run a location specific web search to look for contractors in your area. If you live in Fort Lauderdale, for example, your search string should be something like “fort lauderdale impact windows or impact windows fort Lauderdale.”

The windows are only one of the weak links, the roof needs to be tied down as well, i.e. it needs to be reinforced and glued for more resilience. The same goes for the garage door. Install a reinforced door. Although costly to install, hurricane shutters over doors and windows are very effective at stopping flying debris during a hurricane. Most contractors who would install impact windows in fort lauderdale would also provide the other services mentioned. Remember, your life is valuable and look at the hurricane proofing cost as an investment.

Hurricanes cause a lot of damage, there is often loss of life and property. However with proper planning and safety installations you can make your house strong enough to resist most hurricanes. If you want more information on impact resistant windows and hurricane proofing, check this out: impact windows fort lauderdale

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