I Enjoy It – Ryobi Lawn Edger Critique

This item was hard to find and turned out to be just what we needed, and at a great price and the delivery was quick, too. I bought this a month or two ago and must say that I really like how well it works and how easy it’s been to just plug it in and start working.

I picked one of these up when I bought my house, and have been pleased ever since. The blades easily last a season (I can usually get them to last a season and a half), and the adjustable height lets you edge nice and deep. In the end this is an electric edger that requires an electrical cord, so I could only recommend this for personal use on smaller residential lots. However for the average homeowner this is perfect.

It took a few minutes for me to get a handle on using it. Once you learn how to use the alignment guides on the edger you should have no problem get that nice crisp looking cut to your yard.

Not so, I tried used the product but went back to the grass hog. Its okay for digging trenches – if that’s all you need it for.

My father used it today for the first time and I have to say I am impressed. I had never owned an edger until I bought this one.

Once the edge-line is established, this machine BREEZES through to clean up ‘already-edged’ areas. It’s definitely a work horse for unmaintained areas. I would have much more stability if it were a straight bar, especially when all you have to do is push the edger. The pistol grip is better suited for hedge trimmers and reciprocating saws. I was a bit leery of an electric edger, thinking it might not have the power to do the job. But after reading many of the reviews here decided to take a chance.

Highly recommended! This edger is quite light so you may have to sometimes push down on the unit to go edge through thick turf. Purchased to replace a weed eater edger that was 15 years old and had gone on to wherever old worn out weed eaters go. Used it today for first time and found it to be superior to the aged weed eater product. I just backed up and hit it again and away the edger went, without even breathing hard. Even the gas-powered edger wasn’t this good.

I wasted a lot of time just going in circles with them. The second summer, I decided to buy a different brand of blade. Once grass is trimmed however, and if you stick with using it weekly, this model will work out sufficiently. If you’re going to do a lot of edging I’d advise a heavier gasoline model. This B * D Edger is an excellent product. The assembly was easy and when I proceeded to edge our sidewalk, after many weeks of overhanging grass growth, the ‘Edge Hog’ produced a nicely trimmed edge.

The sparks may come out when your blade hits concrete, but what else would you expect? Uv Aire.

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