I should really grow my own vegetables

I’m waiting. I’m waiting for the day when I wake up one day and think, “it’s a perfect day for getting things done in the garden” Currently, if I have any spare time at all, it gets spent on doing laundry, mopping an encrusted floor that is bordering on unhygienic, and keeping the house from descending into total and complete chaos. The thought of turning my hand to the outdoors just feeling overwhelming. Yet if you say me, slightly crunchy looking earth mother, or overheard me talking like I know what I’m on about when it comes to healthy, you’d think I’d naturally be out there in my garden.

I mean, I suppose I have to hold my hands up and say I may look the part, and act the part at times, but I’m not truly a card carrying member of the super earth mums club. I make cookies with white flour and sugar and I don’t quickly grab the chocolate out of my children’s hands when an innocent adult kindly offers it.

So I’m not over the top, but I do consider myself a bit more health aware than most people. My kids don’t get the yogurt with the added sugar that many mom’s think is “healthy” and I spread their whole wheat toast with the fruit spread, not the sugar laden jam. We have pesto pasta just like most, but my pasta is whole wheat. I can spot a reduced carton of organic grapes from a mile off, but I cannot seem to get myself out into the garden. I have grown, birthed, and fed two children singlehandedly, but shrink when it comes to getting messy and dirty!

I have several friends who at least do something. They have a grow bag full of potatoes or a couple of cherry tomato plants. I have one friend who has just dug a space for her very own polytunnel. I admire her. I want to be her. But I just can’t seem to step outside and make it happen.

Ugh. Well the truth is, one day I may not have a choice. We may be in a situation where we have to grow our own vegetables for a variety of financial and environmental reasons. Where will I be then? Most likely helping my friend in her polytunnel!

Angus McColl is a widely respected writer who has been writing for 5 over years often writes on Garden sheds and a wide range of other subjects.

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