Information On Solar Panels

This article is going to provide information on solar panels, information regarding how they work as well as the sorts of financial and environmental benefits that you get by using them. This is useful to know if you are considering getting a solar installation or if you would just like to know more about solar energy.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

When you’re looking in to solar energy, you will come across two different sorts of solar panels. The type we will be looking at here are the kind that generate electricity. There are also ones that are used for a hot water system, and those sorts are called solar collectors, or solar thermal panels instead.

It can get very complicated when considering the functioning of solar panels; information in this article is going to be quite simple though. In order to understand the specifics of how it all works you will require some detailed scientific knowledge which it is going to be assumed you do not have here.

You will have to know what electricity is though in order to properly understand solar cells. That is quite simple though, it’s just the flow of electrons going through a substance. That is the aim of solar energy, to make electrons flow to your house. That is something that should be kept in mind.

The key to the way that solar cells work is what they are made out of. Usually it is silicon, which is a special substance because it is a semiconductor. This means that when light hits it, electrons are caused to move in its structure. This takes us half way towards electricity from light, but not all the way.

Now all that is necessary is to get these electrons to flow rather than just to move randomly. This is achieved by having two halves to a solar cell. One of them has a negative charge and the other one has a positive charge. This means that when light hits it, electrons move and swap sides and the balance between the two halves will have been broken.

Nature always likes to restore balance when it can, so we simply provide them with that opportunity by attaching a wire which goes to your house. The electrons flow along this wire, and this of course means that you are getting electricity flowing to your house.

Environmental Benefits

If you’re interested in solar panels, information on how they help the environment may also be something that you want to know about. Exact figures cannot be given here, but for every unit of energy you get from renewable sources, that is a unit of energy which does not have to be created with fossil fuels.

When it comes to ceasing using so much energy from fossil fuels, the whole reason that this is so important is because by using fossil fuels we are exacerbating the problems of global warming. The more we use renewable energy then, the less energy we need to get from carbon-emitting fossil fuels.

Financial Advantages

As soon as you start using solar energy you are going to start saving money on your energy bills of course. However to calculate the financial benefits you have to contrast this with the cost of the installation in the first place.

If you’re only considering those two factors then a solar installation is not actually that good a deal, but that changes when you take in to account the feed in tariff as well.

When you use the feed in tariff as well, which is a government scheme paying your for every unit of solar energy created, then solar panels become a far better investment. After you have paid off the installation costs, you get a good period of time in which you are actually making money with solar cells in this way.

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