Information On Wind: A Renewable Resource

Renewable resources like water, solar and wind are very important to harness. Wind is one of our most valuable resources on this planet. It is a natural renewable resource that is a inhabitant of our planet and helps create power. There are many different types of wind harnessing tools that help create the energy we use today.

Solar rays are an important role in creating wind. When the Sun heats up our Earth using solar rays, it heats it up in different places. Land masses tend to warm up faster than bodies of water. When the land heats up and the air rises the cooler air that is on water masses moves and replaces where the hotter air was, this creates wind. Since our Earth is always moving and the Sun heats up different places of our planet at different times this creates wind in different areas.

This same process is created world wide by our areas near our equator heating up and rising and air from the north and south pole moving. This creates a world wise wind/air movement that is always moving. Unlike other areas this air/wind flow will always be there. Depending on where the Sun is heating up areas of our planet created a wind flow in more of a local area then the wind pattern by the equator.

Not just farmers use windmills. Windmills used to be a major source of wind harnessing energy. Now they have been modernized and rebuilt to harness more wind and create more energy. We call these turbines. They usually look like large white towers with propeller like blades on them. Most of the time they are placed in a very windy canyon or mountain side. There also an abundance of them in one place to harness as much of that wind flow as possible.

Natural resources are important to switch to. With out the Sun heating up our planet and creating wind we would not be able to harness its power. This is such an important renewable resource to have and switch too. Crude oil and fossil fuels are a thing of the past. Many home owners are switching to solar panels to harness the Sun’s energy and windmills/electric windmills to harness the winds power.

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