Informational Facts About Storm Safety

When considering storm safety, the location you live in, will dictate a lot of the things you’ll do to prepare yourself in the event of a catastrophe. Coastal regions will need to be ready for floods and high winds. This can sometimes mean knowing when it’s time to seek higher ground.

When High winds from a hurricane begin to rock the house, you’ve come to the point where hopefully you’ve prepared yourself and your family to weather it out. If there’s a shelter to get to the do it early rather than waiting until the last possible minute. You’ve built it for a reason and everyone should know when to get in and hunker down.

This type of climate demands attention be paid to this task ahead of time. Waiting for the disaster to hit is never a good plan. Take the time to work out a plan of action with the members of your household and this way everybody knows what to do. You’ll have a much more organized reaction when any trouble hits.

Count out enough rations for all of the members of your household to get by on for at least a week or two. When power is out and the roads are impassable, you’ll need to be able to wait out the storm. Also use milk jugs to store fresh water. This can be especially important if you have a well. Sometimes a simple power outage can interrupt your fresh water supply. This can happen even from a small storm.

The off season when the weather is nice is the time to be preparing for the worst. It’s easier to build a shelter in the middle of the summer than to wait until the winter months when you need it. Stocking away a little each week all summer can get you prepared for a long cold winter.

Make sure the household has a list of every emergency phone number you would possibly call in an emergency. Keep this near a telephone. It should be somewhere everyone in the house knows it is. Finding the numbers quickly can save precious time if it’s imperative you get that call out.

Proper storm safety also includes staying out of the bad weather. Leave the storm chasing to the pro’s. It’;s a dangerous way to tempt fate. Put your safety and the safety of the family first and make sure your prepared way ahead of time for any natural or man made disaster you may be forced to deal with.

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