Innovative Ways Of Gardening For Seniors

[I:]As folks age, they tend to give up things that they were previously able to do. Gardening could be one of those things. It may not be necessary to do that, even though falling is still an issue to some. There are several different ways of getting into the garden these days.

For all of these seniors, one option is raised bed gardens. These do take some building and preparation, but with the help of friends or family, it can be done. The raised bed stands up to eighteen or so inches tall, making it easier to work in. The size is approximately four by eight feet, which allows a person to reach all the way into the middle from any long side.

Using long handled tools will make that middle reach more attainable. The smaller hand tools will be of great help along all four sides. In addition to ease of reaching, not walking on the bed will help to keep it aerated properly for adequate root growth. If one desires, planting in perhaps two square foot blocks will give a greater yield, in many cases. Refer to any number of “square foot gardening” books on the subject for details.

If another method is desired, other than the raised bed system, they might consider growing stuff in containers. These could be placed on concrete such as a patio or sunny porch, thus avoiding the uneven and soft ground. Five gallon buckets and even plastic bins from the super store can be used for planting in. Just be sure someone pokes drainage holes in the bottom. Many types of fruit and veggie can be grown in these things.

An unusual way of growing, of all things, potatoes, is in a variety of containers. These are often used successfully. They would probably be too heavy to hang, but sitting on the patio would be great.

If the folks in their golden years happen to be in wheel chairs or must use crutches or walkers, it may be of great importance to build walkways to and around the raised gardening spots. There would be no bogging down or tipping over of chairs. Safety while walking with a walker and other aids is extremely crucial.

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