Jet Vac Can Clean Any Mess

Clogged sewer or drain lines are problem for every residence or business at some point. Grease, hair and sludge build up over time and lead to obstructions that need to be dealt with. That’s where Jet Vac comes into play. Jet Vac is a wet or dry vacuum which is being used for a wide array of applications including valuable material reclamation and hazardous chemical spills. It’s becoming so useful that many companies are buying machines for themselves.

Jet Vac is an industrial air powered wet and dry vacuum system which is perfect not only for doing major clean ups of hazardous leaks and spills but also reclaiming and re-cycling costly materials. Small and large companies in different industries are now relying on this technology for their heavy duty cleaning needs.

The used-to-be headaches of homeowners and companies alike when it comes to getting rid of clogs and stubborn obstructions in their drainage or sewer are now history. With the use of the Jet Vac, there are no stubborn clogs, sludge or any obstructions in pipes and sewers that are too difficult to get rid of. Using a high velocity water jet, those obstructions, nasty and messy as they might be, will just be a breeze with the Jet Vac.

Jet Vac technology is being embraced by many different industries. More and more its being used to handle any large volume liquid application. Water treatment plants and chemical companies are turning to Jet Vac for industrial strength suction to move liquids or deal with potentially dangerous spills that need to be dealt with quickly.

Of course there is more to Jet Vac than just cleanup. This incredible new technology has pervaded many different industries with varied uses. Jet Vac technology comes in several sizes, shapes and designs. Regardless of what form it takes it is being used to blast away drain and sewer obstructions from both residences and businesses alike. No more repeat problems with sewer line obstructions like grease or tree roots. Jet Vac completely eliminates these problems. “Jet Vac is vital or our plumbing operations,” says Dave Paulson, a Hackensack Plumber.

Not only is Jet Vac technology proving to be the most efficient means of removing sludge and other sewer obstructions but its also being used to reclaim valuable materials such as oil, chemicals and lubricants from a variety of industries. It can also handle large volume dry materials like corn and flour or virtually any dry substance. Its obvious how Jet Vac is useful for many applications and why companies continue to invest in Jet Vac systems.

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