Jet Woodworking Instruments For The Home Shop

Walter Meier Manufacturing has been producing tools under the Jet model for several decades. Like many other quality brands, Jet has a loyal following amongst each novice and professional woodworkers. The assorted fashions cowl the broad vary from cheap machines for the house store all the best way up to behemoths for industrial production tasks. Right here we’ll discuss various instruments suitable for the home shop, with an eye fixed to those simply getting started in woodworking.

A band saw is one of the most flexible workhorses within the wood shop. It is referred to as a band saw as a result of the noticed blade is a steady metallic band held between two giant “pulleys.” They’re nearly all the time driven by a motor at the bottom. In addition to straight cuts they’ll additionally saw curves with a radius limited by the blade’s width. Jet band saws are especially well preferred and obtainable in each bench-top and floor-mount versions. Appropriate fashions vary from a few hundred dollars (10″) to over a thousand dollars (sixteen”).

A drill press is usually widespread within the home workshop. Not like hand drills, presses rigidly mount the chuck on a vertically shifting mount for exact angles and use adjustable stops for precise depths. Once more, Jet offers both bench-high and flooring-mount fashions appropriate for the house shop. Typical prices range from below $400 (12″) to simply below $1,000 (20″).

Desk saws are maybe the most typical power instrument in the home wooden shop. They make accurate straight cuts at varied angles using a circular noticed blade. They’re also helpful for different wooden-reducing operations similar to notches. All the Jet table saw fashions I’ve seen use 10″ diameter blades. However the varied fashions have broadly varying prices, ranging from about $500 to nearly $2,000, relying on the options, motor horse energy, and mounting.

As a special note, the Jet JBTS-10BT table saw is the one Jet Woodworking software I might not recommend. Regardless of being considerably expensive, it is information “fence” is inaccurate and the reason for many problems.

In the event you expect to be doing cabinetry or furnishings making you may want a jointer/planer. These are used to make correct flat surfaces and edges, reminiscent of decreasing the thickness of a plank. Once again Jet provides a wide range of floor-mount and bench-mount models. The varied models range from beneath $400 (eight”) to round $2,000 (15″). Planers are precision instruments requiring plenty of horsepower, and tend to be extra expensive.

A lathe is used to “flip” cylinder-like objects corresponding to desk legs, candle holders, and even bowls. The inventory to be turned is mounted horizontally between two “centers,” considered one of which is motor driven. Varied cutting instruments are moved by hand throughout a tool rest to carve the assorted shapes. Like most lathes the various Jet models are bench-mount and range in cost from around $400 to almost $1,000 depending on dimension, horsepower, and different features.

You’ll have noticed a pattern. Most high quality woodworking power instruments for the home shop cost from a bit under $500 to a bit above $1,000, depending on measurement, energy, and features. So you’ll be able to easily spend a number of thousand dollars to as a lot as ten thousand dollars establishing a full residence woodworking shop. Fortunately you don’t have to buy every thing at once. You might want to make a listing of initiatives you count on to be working on and get the instruments necessary for them first. Yep, establishing your shop generally is a life-lengthy hobby in itself, and an ideal one at that.

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