Keep Your Koi Pond, Bird Bath Or Fountain Clean & Fresh

If you are one of the lucky ones who boasts a beautiful yard with a koi pond, a fountain or perhaps a bird bath, you know that while these are amazing features for any backyard, keeping the water clean is a top priority.

It is essential that you use cleaning products that contain no chemicals and are safe not only for all the animals in your yard but also for the humans, as well. There are several good products available that are not only safe and chemical-free, but also very easy to use.

If you have a koi pond, the AquaSpherePro or perhaps the AquaLily Water Cleaner are both smart choices. Each uses a special mix of beneficial bacteria to keep water hygienic and fresh. The AquaLily is shaped like a lily pad and contains a dispenser where you place a bacteria pack. The pack will treat your koi pond water for 30 days, and after that time has passed, you just restock the dispenser with a new bacteria pack.

The other option is the AquaSpherePro. This product is gently tossed into the pond and will biodegrade during the course of 30 days, releasing beneficial bacteria and keeping water clean, removing excess nitrogen, phosphorus and organic matter. There are different sizes of spheres, so you just need to order a combination to accommodate the size of your pond.

For bird baths, the Healthy Ponds Bird Bath Water Cleaner is an excellent choice. This is an easy-to-use product that will keep water clean for all of the birds and wildlife that visit your yard. Each individual bird bath cleaner will keep up to seven gallons of water clean for 30 days. It is recommended that you empty, scrub and rinse your bird bath prior to the first time you use the product. However, do not use any soap or cleaners on the bird bath as even small traces of these products can harm animals.

If you have a large fountain and are having trouble with excessive amounts of organic build-up, using a product like Blast can help. This safe formula will keep up to 2,500 gallons clean. For smaller fountains, Healthy Ponds has created a 25-gallon capacity Fountain Water Cleaner. The cleaner, like the others listed above, will work for 30 days before you have to add a new cleaner. All of the products listed in this article have been approved by veterinarians and are safe for all animals and people.

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