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Stress comes from our perception or interpretation of our environment. Sometimes it is instinctual, sometimes it is external events, but the effects on the body are the same. Your body elevates itself to a higher state of preparedness. Blood flow and breathing is increased and the muscles are given a boost of adrenaline. Your body is ready to go. Many times stress has no release, so people begin to fees tightness or discomfort in their back or shoulders. These stiff areas need to be relieved. Massage chairs provide the most convenient massage therapy to relieve these areas and relax your body.

Unfortunately, our advanced intelligence enables us to often spend too much time ruminating over situations or life experiences that help to increase our stress and anxiety. We may be caught up in perceived situations or problems and cannot find immediate solutions to them.

Another common area of stress and anxiety is from relationships. The stress of relationships with spouses, children, step-children, bosses, co-workers, friends and parents can often trigger psychological effects of stress. We may perceive difficult situations or be put in a situation where we have too many things to do and not enough time.

Our bodies have a pretty standard reaction to the environment. It is either fight or flight. To facilitate this reaction, the body automatically releases hormones like glucocorticoids and adrenalin. The purpose of releasing these hormones is to prepare the body for fighting or running. These hormones provide extra energy by increasing the heart rate and blood flow. Your body is reacting the same as when we lived in caves and had immediate danger. Unfortunately, modern day stress is mostly our perceptions and inability to solve a problem immediately.

What are the psychological effects caused by stress or anxiety? The mind is a powerful tool and can affect the body in some negative ways. One area is suppressing the immune system. The body reacts as if it is in immediate danger, while stress gets prolonged, longer term functions are sacrificed. The immune system effectiveness is lowered and the body becomes an easier target for infections and viruses. Other areas that can be impaired are learning, judgment and memory as the brain focuses on working over the immediate problem.

Some of the physical effects that are commonly reported with stress and anxiety are muscle tension and tightness. Stress tends to concentrate in particular muscles of the neck, back and especially the shoulders. These muscles are held in a tightened position causing them to become fatigued. They lose their elasticity and flexibility as they become stiffer.

Massage chairs are very effective to help relieve the symptoms of stress and anxiety. A massage chair is equipped with many massage techniques that perform different modes of massage. Some are designed for deeper tissue relief, where others are for invigoration and others are for soothing. The back, neck and shoulders can be targeted for focused relief at the touch of a button.

As your muscles are elongated, stretched and massaged, the pain and aches are reduced. The muscles begin to relax. As you take the time to sit and let your body relax, youre your mind begins to clear. Some massages, like shiatsu help with awareness and concentration which helps to reduce stress.

When you feel that you are coming under stress, take a seat in a massage chair and let it relax your body and mind. You need to have a place where you can relax and let go of your troubles. We are faced with unprecedented changes in the economy. We need a convenient method of relieving stress and anxiety and massage chairs provide us that option.

The stress and anxiety that we so often feel comes on a random, yet fairly frequent basis. A massage chair is a great counter measure to relieving these symptoms. Imagine the convenience of getting a relaxing massage whenever you need it. As you start to feel the symptoms of stress build up, take a seat, push the button for a full body automatic massage and let the massage chair relieve your stress and anxiety.

Are you looking for daily Stress Relief, then see how the best Massage Chair can make a crucial difference in your life. These massage chair recliners perform many massage therapies and can be targeted for precise relief. One touch button does it all.

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