Kinds of lawn mowers to choose from for your home

There are several sorts of lawn mowers available in the present market. It is tough to choose a model right for your wants – and that’s where lawn mower reviews would come in useful to you. Here is a short description of the different types of grass mowers you can choose from.

Push Reel Lawn Mower

These are the most basic sort of lawn mowers. They operate by hand pushing the lawn mower manually.

They are easy to utilise and need minimum maintenance. Push reel mowers are not good for thick and tall grass. Also, since they use manual power to cut grass, they are only acceptable for tiny lawns.

Gas Powered Lawn Mowers

Gas powered lawn mowers create more power than any other type of mower. These can easily clear large lawns.

Gas powered lawn mowers use gas. They require frequent gas re-filling. They also generate a lot of noise and plenty of smoke.

You’ve to spend more on their upkeep too as you have to replace their oil and air filters from time to time.

Electric Lawn Mowers

Electric lawn mowers are really green – they generate nil emission and do not spoil the environment.

Electric lawn mowers need very little upkeep. They’re better for little to middle sized lawns. They have a limited length of cord, so you are limited to clearing a lawn that is less than 100 feet from a power outlet.

Cordless Lawn Mower

These are a kind of electric lawn mower. Rechargeable battery powered lawn mowers are sometimes called cordless lawn mowers.

These have rechargeable batteries installed, and don’t require long wires or cords for their operation. They operate very noiselessly, start with a single push button and are easy to operate.

They’re heavier than corded electric lawn mowers, and aren’t good for wet grass. Cordless lawn mowers also require frequent charging, and aren’t appropriate for large lawns.

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