Kitchen Knives: What Materials are Best Used for It?

A kitchen knife is any kind of knife that was especially made for food preparation. It can be a cleaver, or maybe even a paring knife. Kitchen knives also come in different materials, and it’s important that you know about them if you are to choose the best knife for a specific task.


Knives made out of carbon steel are inexpensive and hold its edge well – this is one thing that a lot of people like about it. Although it is vulnerable to rust and stains, it’s easier to resharpen compared to other materials – again, another of its advantages. To make this kind of knife last longer, it’s best that that user clean, dry and lubricate it after each use.


Knives made out of titanium are lighter, although they are not very durable. People with small hands prefer knives made out of this material, as they are easier to manage. Titanium is also a lot softer compared to steel, making it more flexible. Another reason for making titanium one of the favorites among chefs is that they do not impart any flavor to the food.


You can say that a ceramic knife is both a good and a bad thing. They are light, remain sharp for a long time and they do not corrode. Its disadvantages include the need to use special tools for sharpening and that they may snap if struck against hard objects.


You may think that a knife made of plastic is a joke, but they are actually a big help in the kitchen. I know that a lot of us are used to seeing knives made of steel, but plastic knives are actually very important for cutting vegetables so that they don’t discolor.

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