Knowing The Effects Of Lead When Renovating Your Residence And Why You Need To Be Safe When Making Repairs

The government of the United States of America has a department called the U.S.EPA better known as the United States Environmental Protection Agency. In the past they focused on threats to the environment such as pollution, oil spills, and things of that nature but now they are focusing on the dangers of lead in residences and apartments. The U.S.EPA now wants all types of contractors to be certified in lead safe work practices this certification is called the RRP rule, which stands for renovation-repair and painting. This rule is to contain lead dust and remove the lead tainted debris properly if you are removing 6 square feet and above in that has lead paint on it. As a Detroit home restoration contractor we have to be aware of target housing that has a very good chance of having lead in it, which will be homes and buildings built from around 1976 and before because that is a time frame when people still used lead paint before it was illegal.

After taking this course contractors really get an understanding of how serious this dust can be. The lead dust is really bad for women that are pregnant, or will become pregnant, children and it is also a hazard to full grown men and senior citizens. Just a tiny bit of dust can cause lead poisoning about what you could fit onto a pin head. Lead dust gets into the blood stream and if you are poisoned by lead dust you will have to see a doctor to get decontaminated which will be a process of treatments. This is the reason the U.S.EPA made this rule to protect people and contractors alike from the dangers of this invisible health problem, it has also been documented that contractors have brought the dust home on their clothes and infected his own family with lead poisoning. The U.S.EPA has done all this to create awareness about lead poisoning and how easy the dust spreads to unsuspecting people just being in the vicinity of construction work.

Before anything can be done the contractor has to provide a pamphlet called renovate right and this explains the exposure of lead and construction work, this has to be signed. The process to properly contain dust is to cordon off the area where you will be doing the home rebuilding work with caution tape and install at least a 2 mil. plastic sheeting that will be on the floor, doors and windows totally covering the work area and keeping the chance for dust not to escape this location. When cleaning up the debris it will have to be goose necked in plastic and while doing this it is good to have a spray bottle of water to spray on debris while wrapping it up in the plastic to keep the dust down. The spray bottle is also used to spray on the sheeting that is on the walls, floor, windows and doors when removing the sheeting.

When cleaning and vacuuming you must use a HEPA vacuum to keep the dust from escaping the vacuum cleaner and use the swiffer wipes to continually clean all surfaces until the wipes when used have a certain level of cleanliness that has to be matched to a placard of an acceptable clean wipe. Finally when doing these repairs the contractor should keep photos of this process because if it was not carried out correctly the contractor could face a fine of up to $32,500.00, so please keep this in mind if you have a violation for lead paint or having construction work done in target residences.

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