Learn How To Prepare Your Walls For Paint

When you invest dollars on your house or company, you want it to last. Everyone wants to stretch their money on renovation or improvement projects, however , not everyone takes the suitable steps to make that occur.

Such can be the case with painting. Properly preparing the surface of your outer walls has a direct result on the longevity of your paint. While correct temperature, film thickness and dry time all play parts in the quality of your paint application, they are not as critical as surface preparation. In many instances, the price of incorrect preparation – which may call for recovering or repainting – can surpass the cost of the initial project.

Listed here are a couple of tips to help you to prepare your external walls for painting.

* Power wash. Totally stripping your outer surfaces with a power wash will leave a clean slate to work with, eliminating any debris or chips. * Seal chips. When working with stucco or wood surfaces, it really is significant to seal off any chips that could possibly disrupt the smooth application of your paint. * Scrape paint. Any loose or cracking paint on your outside walls that the power washer missed will need to be scraped away. * Fix masonry. Destroyed areas, for example chipped corners, will need to be mended or retextured so that you can fully cover your exterior surfaces. * Brush the trim. Doorways, door frames and facia boards will need to be brushed and rolled just before the walls are painted.

An adhesion test is really a excellent way to finalize your surface preparation, and to ensure that it really is ready for painting. To examine adhesion, first apply a coat of paint to a tiny region of your wall and let it dry. After it dries, etch cross-hatches to the paint with a razor blade and then press an adhesive tape over the cross-hatches. If the layer stays on the surface of your wall when you take away the tape, you have top quality adhesion and a excellent surface to paint on.

When getting a painting firm to take care of your exteriors walls, it is best to always hire a company that acknowledges the importance of surface preparation and applies it in their work. With appropriate surface preparation, your walls will stay brighter and your wallet heavier in the years to come.

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