Learn How To Prevent Bed Bugs In Your Home

The amount of homes being infected with bed bugs across the United States has increased hugely over the 2 or 3 years. Having knowledge of the things you can do to prevent bed bugs infiltrating you home is the only true way the avoid becoming a victim.

Bed bugs are quite small in size, flat and are reddish brown in color. They will hide in all sorts of different places in the day time and come out during the night in search of a good meal of human blood. There are lots people who are lucky enough not to suffer a reaction to being bitten by bed bugs whilst other have days of misery and embarrassment due to the red welts, rash or bumps on their body which can cause great discomfort from the constant itching.

Exterminating bed bugs can be far from an easy task. The infected room should be stripped of soft furnishings, de-cluttered and the entire room and everything in it thoroughly cleaned – perhaps aided by a vacuum cleaner, a steam cleaner and a green bed bug spray like Bed Bug Bully.

Having to begin such a big job whilst suffering the discomfort of itchy bed bug bites can make the entire experience a complete nightmare. You could if you prefer Hire professional pest control experts to carry out for you but you will pay a high price for this perhaps upwards of $1000. Therefore, if you can prevent bed bugs in the first place you should save your self a whole lot of heartache and cash.

Here are a couple of vital points to consider which could prevent bed bugs infesting your home:

1. If you can avoid purchasing old furniture, it is most definitely not advisable to take furniture left lying in the street or in a skip into your home. If you do buy used furniture be sure to check it properly before taking it inside. It would definately be wise to treat it with a natural bed bug spray as a precaution.

2. If someone in the house travels it is essential that they are especially vigilant in hotels or motels where they may stay. It is a good idea to always check the room, the bed and furniture before unpacking. These little blood suckers will hitch a ride in clothing, shoes and other items. If undetected – you end up with new infestation of bed bugs at your home.

How to prevent bed bugs coming back:

1. Good housekeeping will help you spot any potential problem. By vacuuming often and checking bedding etc. you should be able to prevent bed bugs coming back in large numbers.

2. Have any cracks or crevices in floors and walls sealed thus removing the bed bugs favourite hiding places.

3. Bed bug proof encasements for your beds mattress and box spring are a sensible investment to avoid further infestation. These are especially useful for older beds which may have small holes in the fabric of the mattress or box spring. The bed bugs will no doubt have found these and will have undoubtedly laid eggs inside. Of course these areas are pretty much impossible to treat. If you encase your mattress and box spring in one of these the bed bugs cannot escape to feed and will eventually die off.

Even if you buy a new bed investing in an encasement will act as a barrier and prevent bed bugs becoming established.

Hopefully these few tips should be enough to prevent bed bugs invading your life.

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