Log Home Restoration – Prevalent Concerns In Owning A Log Cabin

Log home restoration service is a vital contact to have in case you are a property owner of a log house also referred to as log cabin. Numerous people do not realize that having a log home is very costly in maintenance and upkeep. The typical mistake is when log property owners believe the upkeep will be the same as a conventional house in the suburbs. But that is clearly incorrect! A log house is a natural structure with a rustic style. It is built from real timber logs which are either hand-hewn or pre-manufactured and cut to a particular length and style at a factory. No matter what kind of house you choose, either a kit home or a hand-built property, there are matters from design flaws to wiring issues. Be aware of these before you buy a brand new or old log home.

The main concern is the decaying logs. Rain or water usually trickle or run down the log wall due to incorrect flashing on the dormer. Overtime, the whole corner rotted out. When the rot makes its way through more than 50% of the log, it usually replace the whole log. It does not matter if it’s dry rot. No matter whether the rot is dry or wet, rot equals decay and that’s a major problem in log buildings. Rot can cause the need for repairing part or the entire log. There are some factors which could play a role in a log getting rot, yet they all relate to moisture getting into the wood. When wood fibers have a regular moisture level between 14-20%, wood will begin to rot.

The foundation of the log home is another concern. Some log properties are built on gravel foundations. Because of their rugged landscape, either a foundation business wasn’t able to get to the spot to pour a slab or traditional foundation, or the owner decided to discard this aspect as part of the property’s rustic theme. This not merely causes further settling of the property, it will cause stability issues. Mudslides, rain and weather weaken and erode the ground around the home, and if the gravel foundation was not properly designed, the house might sustain water damage.

Sap or pitch seeping out of the logs is a common problem. There are a huge number of log-sided as well as full log homes which have actual issues with pitch seeping out of the logs. Most are houses built in the past twenty years and all are constructed of some species of pine, be it eastern, white or Norway pine. More often than not, pitch does stop appearing after around 5 years. Usually in these instances, the logs have to be blasted to remove the pitch and then the wood logs must be re-stained.

Ok, so now you already know the common problems of a log home and exactly why it’s necessary for you to have a log home restoration service on speed dial on your phone. All these issues would cost you a lot of dollars in repair charges. And as you could tell, these repairs are unconventional from a typical house. Hence, it would be best to weigh your options before purchasing a log home. Yet in case you don’t mind and have the spare money for repairs and maintenance, a log property will always be a good place to come to or visit every now and then.

Log Home Restoration will help make log homes appear beautiful and last for a long time. If you are the proud owner of a log cabin or wood-sided home, then you’re completely aware of how beneficial Log Home Restorations are for the aesthetic elegance of a well-maintained house.

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