Look No Further Than This – Excalibur Dehydrator Critique

Total cost to run the FD-75, about It works very fast and is easy to clean. I soak in the sink in soapy water and clean with a sponge..41 per day. Well worth the cost savings of buy prepackaged camping/hiking food.

Remember that any replacement part is not warrantied for any additional time after the initial 1 year. If your dehydrator breaks after 11 months and they fix it, and then it breaks again after another 5 weeks, you are out of luck. Furthermore, you do NOT marinade with this method. Instead you add a packet (or whatever recipe of spices, salt) straight into the meat. I have read on some different sites about some of the cons being, too noisy, no on/off switch. As for the noise, I thought it was extremely quiet, I think my dishwasher is much louder, it was on the kitchen counter and the noise was no bother at all. The trays are difficult to clean. If you have a large dishwasher, and can place the trays safely without them getting stuck in the prongs of the dish drawers, then this would be the best way to clean the trays. It says in the manual “firm but not brittle” that is just not enough info for me. Regardless, even with a few pieces under-dried, this has kept me well fed on my backpacking trips and in the office. I recommend this for anyone who likes to cook by using intense flavors – I have used the dried tomatoes on salads, in sauces, casseroles, etc. It is worth it if you’re just doing tomatoes.

One kid liked the jerky so much we had to hide it so he wouldn’t spoil his dinner. Even my coworkers adore my dehydrated goodies! Can’t beat the price, and my dehydrator has had only a few days’ rest since I got it. It’s been humid here so most things have to dry longer than usual.

The features the Nesco dehydrator does not have are a timer and an off setting. Without them, the only way to stop the machine is to unplug it. I used to have a convection dehydrator and would get very uneven drying. This dehydrator is great! It will handle about 3-4 pounds of meat. I do rotate the trays once to insure even drying.

It comes with a booklet that gives you an idea about drying time. Suggested times might vary though, depending on how thick you slice the items.

One lady said they tasted like the cinnamon twists at a fast food Mexican restaurant, another said kind of like cotton candy. They come out crispy and sweet!

This time I bought 8 packs of them used my dehydrator, and then vacuum sealed them. I use them in all kinds of dinners.

I have not used one before, but have always thought a dehydrator would be nice to have since I enjoy cooking with dehydrated fruits and vegetables. Red Leather Chair.

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