Looking At Gardening Tools For The Newbie Gardener

[I:http://homecontractorsblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/LarryMalloy29.jpg]Once made of sticks and sharp rocks, caveman tools for gardening were the best that they had at the time. Our more modern counterparts are often made of steel, plastic and wood, with ash wood being the best, in some folks’ opinion. All people of the world seem to have started in similar ways, each generation becoming smarter at these things than the one before it.

In these more modern days of tool production, most tools, both long and short handles, are preferably constructed of wood. Ash is the most popular for this use. It is hard and easily shaped. There may be found tools made of other materials but they may not hold up as well in the long run as the ones made of ash wood. No matter which one is used, the important thing in keeping them in shape is to keep them clean and sharp.

A large tree has many diameters of limbs and branches. This may require different types of hand tools with which to trim or cut them. Small trees and bushes are most easily trimmed with a hand pruner, but the larger the branch, the more aggressive you must be with the type of cutter you use. Lopping shears with long handles and short cutting surface are great for up to about one and a half inch diameter. More than that might require a hand pruning saw. These along with hand pruners, could make up your beginners garden bag.

The long handled implements can save your back to some degree, eliminating bending quite as much, perhaps. If you do not have a tiller to break up the ground for you, a shovel will do it, but with much more effort on your part. Raking the soil smooth will still be a use for the garden rake, whether tilled by hand or machine. The ultimate result needed is a good harvest.

When making your purchases, head out to the hardware store or nursery. They will most likely carry the types of tools you will need and they will be of a hardier nature than grocery or department stores offerings. Even specialty sites online can provide you with the implements you may require. Buy the best quality you can afford and you will not be replacing them quite so often.

As you become more interested and skilled in growing stuff, you may want to add to your outside gear by purchasing electrical or mechanical tools of various kinds. A chain saw, either electric or gas, can keep the larger of the trees and things trimmed up. Hedge trimmers snip off the top of hedges at least faster than hand held ones. A leaf blower and edger/weed eater can keep the grounds cleaned up and shaped crisply. A few added items might be garden hoses, sprinklers, both hand and on-the-ground kind, and perhaps a soaker hose system, when you are really serious.

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