Making A Comfortable Office Environment

If you want to run a happy office, you have to show respect for the people working in it and one of the means that you can do that is by keeping them comfortable. People like to feel appreciated. If people feel appreciated they will put more effort in when it is most needed, when the chips are down and you need some extra work done.

This is not a problem to understand, in fact it is pretty obvious, but the funny thing is that this approach works on oneself too. Even if you are the only person in your office and you get to keep all the money you earn and blow it on yourself alone, you will work harder if your office is comfortable, if you have some status-items and self respect.

Psychology is funny like that. You can push buttons just as easily sitting on a feather cushion on an orange crate, but it will never be the same as sitting on a leather executive swivel seat. So, if you are looking for office furniture, you have to look for comfortable office furniture. And appealing office furniture as well.

Whether you are the only one in your office, you have permanent staff and particularly if you use temporary staff, your chairs should be adjustable. That is the first priority, because it has been proven that the only way to maintain the right posture when sitting at a desk is to be able to place your feet flat on the floor with your thighs parallel to the floor. If this is just not feasible then you can use a footstool or a cushion under the feet.

Most people like their office seat to have casters so they can move from the phone to the filing cabinet without getting up. An adjustable office chair will allow anyone coming in to work there to be comfortable within minutes.

If you apply this principle further, you must be able to look at what you are using to work with square on. You have to be able to sit in the middle of its width and look straight at it.

If this piece of equipment is a monitor and keyboard, then the monitor and keyboard must be directly in front of you and you should be able to look at the monitor with it square to your face. If you do not have this arrangement, you will often get reflections and glare which can cause you to squint or have to dodge about and that is not good.

Most screens are adjustable for angle of elevation, so turn the monitor to face you directly and then tilt it forwards or backwards until you are looking at it at ninety degrees or square on. If a naked light bulb or tube is still being reflected on the screen, then get a shade or a diffuser for the light. If that does not work, you can get a non-reflective screen to place in front of your monitor.

Scatter a couple of cushions as well. Some people might like to use them but be afraid to ask for fear of refusal. A couple of decorative cushions about the office can look nice anyway.

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