Mini Refrigerator Capacities Differ

You may be considering getting a mini refrigerator for your house, apartment, or dorm room, but you will soon find that this term does not narrow down your search very well.

There are lots of fridges that seem to qualify as being miniature, which may make it hard to choose when shopping. Consider the perks and drawbacks of different fridge capacities before you buy.

The littlest refrigerators on the market start at approximately 1.7 cubic feet. This type is usually square, with just one shelf in the refrigerated section. In fact, this area takes up almost the whole mini refrigerator, as there is typically one small box to place ice. There are typically no drawers, though there is storage space on the door, usually perfect for beverages. This kind of fridge is good if you do not need to store any frozen products, and do not need a lot of refrigerated space, either. This is great for dorm rooms or offices that only have enough space for a refrigerator to go under a desk.

One of the most commonly seen mini refrigerators is about 3.6 cubic feet. This type usually feature one drawer for produce or meat, at least one shelf, and a small frozen area. Of course, you cannot fit much in the freezer still, but there is usually enough space for something other than an ice cube tray. This kind of refrigerator may be larger and require more space than the smallest one on the market, but it is also easier to keep your food organized with this kind due to shelves and drawers. This is typically the perfect size for the usual dorm room or entertainment room at home.

Some apartments have kitchens that would feel overcrowded with a normal sized fridge, which is why a mini refrigerator can work well. There are some that are larger than 3.7 cubic feet, yet much smaller than the usual fridge that has 20 or more cubic feet of space.

This is a great compromise if you want to save space in your home while having enough room to store groceries for a small household. The freezer section is typically larger with this kind of mini refrigerator, and you typically have more than one shelf or drawer.

Undoubtedly, looking for a mini refrigerator is more complicated than most would think, as there are a few kinds. Consider how much room you have, as well as how much food you plan to store. You should also think about the features you need in a refrigerator before you buy.

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