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Energy 2 Green is an excellent product loaded with valuable information on how you may create your own solar or wind-generated device in order to help you reduce or maybe eliminate completely your power bill every month. It provides schematics for both solar panels and wind turbines which you may make on your own in only a few weekends that can actually help reduce your electricity costs.

The Energy 2 Green product provides lists of substances and user-friendly diagrams that you can follow in order to build your own source of energy for less than $200 (for a solar panel) and $100 (a wind turbine). The diagrams will also show you how to easily design, create and set up the system. It also comes with numerous videos of people who have completed the project utilizing the information given. Various testimonials made by satisfied users reveal that this product can really help in reducing one’s energy costs.

Aside from the useful information provided by the Energy 2 Green for creating alternative energy source, it also provides readers with various methods to reduce their current power requirements by way of conservation. The product contains various things that you can do in order to reduce energy usage in your home. Furthermore, the product is designed to be user-friendly with lot of pictures and illustrations of the procedure. It also comes with lists of companies where you can buy (and get a huge saving) the materials needed to complete your device.

Here are some of the benefits of getting the product:

*It helps lower electricity bill considerably or eliminate it completely, depending on what and how many devices you will create. You would be able to have about $1,000 of annual savings on your electricity bill.

*Making solar panels or wind turbines will allow you to have quality and bonding time with your family. You can have all the members in your family partake in this little project. This can also be an excellent opportunity for children to become environmentally conscious.

*With this guide, you may be able to create portable solar-generated device that you can bring with you whenever you go on a picnic or camping trip.

*It reduces your carbon footprints as well as enables you to play a role in helping to save the environment, which I believe is the product’s best benefit. As far as advantages go, it explains how you can create your own solar panel and wind turbine devices in a simple and clear manner.

As far as advantages go, it explains how you can create your own solar panel and wind turbine devices in a straightforward and clear manner. The pictures, illustrations and texts in the Energy 2 Green manual allows you create your own system without difficulty. Moreover, it comes with a comprehensive guide on where you can find the things needed for your project as well as includes easy-to-follow installation process of solar panels and wind turbine devices on all types of homes. Lastly, it has a complete maintenance plan and guide in order for your device to last for many years.

The product has a 60 days, full money-back guarantee, which is a great thing so that just in case you are not completely satisfied with it, you can send it back and still get your full money back, but that wouldn’t happen since I assure you that it is 100% effective in helping you break free from your electric company. If you are a bit skeptical, I suggest you read various positive online reviews from many satisfied customers (including myself) of Energy 2 Green.

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