“My Washing Machine Washes, But Doesn’t Spin, Is It The Motor?”

The programme controls the whole operational function of your washing machine. If a part of it is blown, your machine may wash but spin.

The pressure switch is responsible for ensuring the water has left before going into a full spin. If the pressure is faulty, it can’t release the air pressure built up inside it, and as a result it will not be able to go into a full spin.

A small hose is connected to the pressure vessel, this bottle collects dirt, soap. and limescale, and prevents the dirt from blocking the hose,and blocking it. when it does blocked this does affect the pressure switch and prevents the machine from spinning.

The 4 main parts of the motor are: the brushes, the coil windings, the armature, and the tacho. The brushes can be easily changed if they are worned down or broken. they cost any thing from 25 to 35, depending on the make and model of the machine. The armature, coil windings,and the tacho, are intragal parts of the motor, so if they get damaged the motor will not spin, and will need replacing.

There are several blocks that can occur in your washing machine. Some of them are outside like the drain hose under the sink. Other are inside like the filter and the pump. A block keeps the air prussure inside the machine, so the motor will not spin.

A defective water valve may not allow water in, after the wash cycle. The water valves come in pairs, one for the wash cycle and one for the rinse cycle and fabric conditioner. If the valve responsible for the rinse cycle is blown, the programme will not be able to progress to the spin cycle.

Due to seem keen members of the family, the drum at times will get over loaded. Don’t start feeling guilty now, it’s a common occurrence! The machine will start banging and rocking from side to side, and the belt will drop off and the machine drum will not spin.

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