Non Slip Space Saving Clothes Rails

Home accessories must be organized properly. Every home needs proper storage to keep the clothes. Clothes hanging rails and clothes hangers which are space saving are the perfect choice. A clothes hanger in a wardrobe should be non-slip and space saving so that it can save a crucial amount of space. Different variety of vibrant colors can be found on the Internet to brighten up the wardrobe of a person.

Home accessories must be organized properly. Every home needs proper storage to keep the clothes. Clothes hanging rails and clothes hangers which are space saving are the perfect choice. A clothes hanger in a wardrobe should be non-slip and space saving so that it can save a crucial amount of space. Different variety of vibrant colors can be found on the Internet to brighten up the wardrobe of a person.

Children’s non slip hanger can also be found if someone searches in the Google search Engine. Let’s take an example, hanging clothes hangers come in all shapes and sizes, everyone owns at least one and everybody needs them! Somebody might think that a hanger is a hanger and it does not matter what type of hanger they use to hang up their clothes. Well, even the reluctant hanger buyer can change their mind to a ‘Huggable Hanger’! Even they had to admit they stopped his clothes falling onto the floor and they could now get much more into his tiny wardrobe!

There is a simple way to find out why they really are so useful and why do people need them so much. Some of them are called ‘huggable hangers’ because the clothes really do literally hug to them! Even difficult items such as silky nightie or scoop neck tops for example do not fall off! They are the ultimate space saving solution to a wardrobe.

I:0:J Clothes hanging rails or hangers can be found in a variety of styles – for example, storage of trousers on the 4 bar non-slip trouser hanger and getting 4 trousers in at least half the space. Using the non-slip hanger with tie/belt bar will turn into being able to add ties, belts or accessories to the same hanger within the same space.

Certain clothes rails come with an additional hook for hanging extra hangers for even more space saving! Garments will not go out of shape being fallen over and over again because they are made to hug the shape of the garments. For heavy garments and suits these types of clothes hanging accessories are perfect – and that will not crease and give the option of getting the whole suit, and tie, on the one clothing hanger! The rotating swivel chrome hook is very useful in these clothes rails, just like people use a pair of boot shaper to keep their boots in shape when not in use.

Shortage of space in kids’ clothes wardrobes becomes very difficult. Kids clothes hangers are perfect to do clothes storage in a smaller area – has all the same benefit as the adult sizing, only smaller in size! The student garment rails have robust and sturdy construction – and a heavy duty clothes rail is not difficult to construct or move, because of nylon castors. That makes it very portable, plus very easy to assemble and so more versatile to use in a home.

John Dicosta shows the various uses of non slip clothes hangers and clothes rails. Visit Caraselle Direct for high quality hanging rails and moisture absorbers to stop condensation on window.. This article, Non Slip Space Saving Clothes Rails is released under a creative commons attribution license.

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20 Responses to Non Slip Space Saving Clothes Rails

  1. AlyeRae says:

    These hangers sound like a great thing to have. I like the idea of having hangers in various colors, too. Saving space in a too-small closet is really needed. A hanger that keeps the garment on itself is a bonus.

  2. SherylP says:

    I love huggable hangers! They do not just help me with storing my clothes better but they also help in organizing my closet as well. Before, I always find my clothes on the floor of my closet but when I started using those huggable hangers, my clothes are always in place, especially my blouses made with smooth materials like silk and chiffon. So glad I started using them!

  3. Tiffany Dematera says:

    I might not need to clean up my closet frequently and buy another, if I own a few of these! I like the idea of my clothes not falling on the floor whenever I rush on choosing my wardrobe every morning. And having extra rails will keep all my clothes INSIDE my small cabinet.

  4. Eva Marie Lansin says:

    “Hugable Hangers” are great especially for people who wanted to spend less for their living arrangement. They would choose smaller apartments or share rooms with their friends. With the use of “Hugable Hangers” they can maximize the space of a small room.

  5. Dena Warfield says:

    The “Huggable Hanger” is a great idea for organizing closets. My clothes, especially the scoop neck tops, were always falling off the hanger. Sometimes it would take me months to find them. But with the “Huggable Hanger” I never have that problem. My tops are always neatly hanging where they are supposed to be. The 4-bar non-slip trouser hanger has definitely made more space in my closet so my clothes are not crammed into the small closet space. With the added space my clothes do not become wrinkled. Thank you very much for these items.

  6. sakuraskip says:

    There is no control with the kids getting bigger as days pass by. With this no slip hanger it will be easy to organize their wardrobe and would have a lot of space for their toys!

  7. CHESTER says:

    We live in the age where it is almost highly impossible to have a spacious home. Box typed apartments and condominium units are but popular at this time. Because of this, a lot of people, including me would highly appreciate ideas and schemes to maximize small spaces by being organized.

  8. Business Images says:

    The kids get bigger and bigger and the closets seem to get smaller and smaller. And with the little ones tearing through the whole place, I really like that idea of non-slip hangers. I think that’s something that could really save a mess. Can’t wait to try them out.

  9. Joseph Imagene says:

    I’m trying to find space all the time! Where does it go??? Space is such a crucial thing these days, especially as our rooms seem to get smaller and smaller. This article was really helpful with some ideas; I had no idea there was such a variety of clothes hangers.Thanks.

  10. Christine G says:

    This article has great information for those of us suffering from small closet syndrome. The additional hook on the clothes rail is extremely helpful in a small closet situation. I’m able to move stuff aside I don’t use frequently and free up valuable space for everyday items.

  11. Jennifer Robertson says:

    Finding space, especially in my home, is a constant issue. With six people, closets quickly become crowded. We purchased space saving hangers, and haven’t looked back. Thanks for sharing the information.

  12. gladys ana says:

    It is always nice to have space in the home and also good to maximise such space, this cloths hanging rails “huggable hanger” is a nice one to have at home. Especially when you don’t have a big appartment.

  13. Bianca says:

    Love having extra space in a closet. Sometimes it can get overwhelming looking at clothes that have been taking up space for years but I feel having a good hanger makes a difference. Having the right hanger is a really good idea because I’ve picked up my last piece of clothing that has fallen on the floor for the hundred time.

  14. Jacob says:

    Space is a rare and special commodity. I liked your idea about utilizing children’s hangers. Tried it out and your idea rocks. Thank you

  15. Zeeshan Iqbal says:

    cabinets, wardrobe & hangers are the key needs for everyone to save their clothes specially pressed cloths which we want to use in office, functions & events. But the main problems is with the childrens cloth because comparatively childerns have more cloths than others and we
    need a larger space for them.

  16. Raja Asif says:

    clothes hanging rails, hangers, wardrobe are more helpful to save space and organize our
    cloths in perfect manner and a wide variety in different sizes and shapes are available according to our need and space. very useful tips found in this article.

  17. Shafaq says:

    The most common problem of every household : wardrobe organization. This article certainly helps with some very useful tips. I’m going to get my hands on one of those ‘huggable’ hangers.

  18. PK Sardar says:

    Space is really a concern in today’s world, any item that serves the purpose and saves space adds value to modern life. Would have been great to see a few photos and also links to buy online.

  19. Jose Santos says:

    Well, I never thought there was such a variety of clothes hangers. It’s really a good way of saving space at home. It’s just a question of organization and choose the right hanger for the right clothes

  20. Sanju Mathew says:

    Now rarely do i get surprised when i read such articles. But this is an eye opener. I didnt even know that such hangers exist. Space saving hangers and garment hugging ones combined are a boon to the urban yuppies. Wish there were some snaps too.

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