Once You Switch Over To A Salt Water Pool You May Ask Yourself, What Took Me So Long?

During the summer months our backyard swimming pool has always been the center of family activities. Just before we started to get the pool ready for the summer I did some investigating about salt water pools and how to convert from a chlorine system. After discovering the health and maintenance advantages we were sold on making the switch so we bought and installed a salt chlorine generator.

Since we made the conversion we have not had any problems with our new system. All that was required was to add the amount of salt needed for our pool size at the beginning of the summer and that was it. The pool water has a softer feel to it because you do not need any harsh chemical for a salt water pool. Because the salt does not evaporate you only need to add salt if it rains quite a bit. The salt chlorine generator we purchased lets you know if the amount of salt in the water is low is high. We run the generator longer if the salt content is low.

I wonder why I waited so long to switch to a salt water system; there has been no reason to add anything to the water once the system was setup. No Ph balance or anything. The relaxing feeling of the soft, crystal clear water is immediately noticed by everyone that swims in our pool. The strong chlorine smell, itchy skin, red eyes and faded, bleached looking swimming suits we used to experience with our chlorine pool system are long gone.

The salt chlorine generator is designed to turn salt into chlorine but without the overbearing smell of chlorine that you get with a pool that uses chlorine tablets. Because the level of salt in the water is less than the level of salt in ocean water you do not even taste the salt. We have found that we do not need to run the pump and filer system as much and save money on electricity as a result.

Chlorine pools create organochlorines which can cause certain types of cancer. Salt water pools do not create that higher level of chlorine which creates the organochlorines. You do not have to handle toxic chemicals anymore or store them. I think pool stores tell you bad things about salt water systems because they want to continue to sell their products but that is only my opinion. I would not own a pool unless it has a salt water system. We will continue to use our salt water pool no matter what anyone says and expect to be very happy with it.

Learn more about having a salt water pool and start experiencing the health benefits a salt water pool system provides.

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