Options To Find Excellent Window Guards

One of the main causes for infant mortality is happenings at home. Domestic accidents like fires from electrical short circuits, electrocution from unprotected power outlets, choking, drowning contribute to a large quantity of deaths among kids. It is not surprising that most parents spend a lot of time childproofing a house when they are going to be parents.

But, in spite of our hugest efforts to create the house as secure for kids as you can, we tend to overlook definite details here and there, details that may become fatal. Such as securing open windows, peculiarly on the higher floors, with appropriate steel window guards.

Window guards are important for all houses where a child can be kept, and yes, that includes not just the baby’s room but your bedroom also. Did you know that according to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, more than 4,000 injuries result from falls from a household window every year? That’s a shocking amount of accidents which may be easily reduced by installing window guards.

Contemporary window guards come in many various kinds and may be installed on almost any-sized galvanized doorframe. They may be mounted simply by most and if you are a D-I-Y enthusiast, you’d like mounting them. Everything you may want is a screwdriver and some fastening screws to install them. Mounting the guard is really a plain task using the hardware that goes included in every package. In a popular type, you’d find 2 square steel mounting tubes that may be installed either frontally, or along the side edges of any window. Once such mounting tubes are in place, it’s a cinch to fit the guard that may be simply placed in the opening and extended in a necessary proportion for an automatic interlocking with the mounting holes.

With window guards installed, you can have your windows open almost throughout the year with no any worry. Why close them when there’s a cool breeze blowing outside just because you fear that your tiny tot can fall through them? Moreover, with aesthetically designed window guards that you get easily in the market today, you can stop bothering over making the look of the window worse with unsightly bars. Quite simply, it’s the right moment to stop worrying and to have your windows open to enjoy the picturesque view.

There are a lot of brands in window guards, almost all of them are synonymous with good quality window guards produced of cold rolled steel tubing with a firm, lead-free white powder coat finish.

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