Outstanding Option For Me – Lawn Mower Edger Review

This edger has power! And it’s lightweight, easy to maneuver, and the handle folds in thirds for storage. I am not happy with the short handle on this edger or the strength of the machine. I have used it only once and it worked well It won’t cut the grass, it just crush… Purchase at a local retail store and used approx. a dozen times over the last 2 years. We changed our minds several times before purchasing the edger – our other options were to rent a gas powered edger or use a manual one. We are pleased with our decision; it was the perfect tool for installing the wire. I have edged my yard with this tool for a few years now. Positives on this edger: It is light and easy to maneuver. Not sure how they get the picture that they do for trenching but I have yet to get any sort of trench that looks like theirs. If you need an edger, and don’t want the trouble of maintaining a gas-powered edger, this is the electric edger for you. The assembly was extremely simple and it has a surprising amount of power. If you want to add that perfect finishing touch to your yard too, buy this edger, you will not regret it.

I started to care for my lawn again after a hiatus of many years. Bought a new electric mower from Sears (made for them by B&D) and a manual edger similar to a Sears’s item I bought many years ago. The guide works well for straight stretches of curbing/pavement, but the rounded portions are more of a challenge. Other than a few sparks, it does these with a few back and forth movements.

This edger gives a distinctive defined edge. When I first used it, I was totally impressed with the edge.

When trimming denser grass, the guard tends to catch on the grass. I had to fight with the trimmer a few times to push it along my taller edges.

This is a great edger unless you have a large yard. It has gotten high reviews and I bought it because of those reviews.

There was so much yard cut off that I had to haul most of it away using a shovel, when it was done and after I swept up, there was a perfectly straight, neat cut on my yard. I would pay $79 for this every time, and I get to keep this and do it for years to come!

A heavy duty edger is required to maintain his large front and rear lawns. The Black and Decker fit the bill. WOW, we’re we impressed. My husband had it set on the 1inch mark and it easily, I mean EASILY cut thru the grass.

I haven’t used it as a trencher for my beds, but I imagine it would do the job quite well. Backyard Landscaping Pictures.

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