Tips for Hiring Paint Contractors

It is important to know how to hire a professional paint contractor. You might wonder how in the world to go about this. Consider talking to your real estate agent as he would have some sort of experience in finding the best paint contractors for his clients in the past. You would do well to make the most out of his experience. If your real estate agent does not have any recommendations for you, then consider contacting the people from your business life.

There is one more way of locating the most reliable paint contractor. You can go to the nearest paint store and try to get some sort of information about professional and reliable paint contractors. The people from the paint store are likely to help you in getting valid information about professional paint contractors. Try to get one or more addresses of professional paint contractors.

It is extremely important that you choose an experienced paint contractor. This is due to the fact that an experienced paint contractor alone is licensed. It is crucial to hire a licensed paint contractor than an amateur one. Check all that you can on them to be sure in the end.

Then next thing is to talk to the previous customers of the paint contractors. If paint contractors have done a good job they will give you contact numbers of the previous clients else they may be reluctant to give. Opinions of the previous clients play an important role in this. So listen to their opinions because they matter. They matter a lot.

Besides, they should have their portfolios ready in their hands. Want to see them to judge their ability and also to know about their past records. Without judging their ability and recommendations from other persons, you should not hire any paint contractors for your house.

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17 Responses to Tips for Hiring Paint Contractors

  1. htcabrera says:

    People have told me about these so-called paint contractors. I have to find some for my friend who is starting up his own company of architectures and interior designers. Going to talk to the local hardware stores and see what list I come up with. Thanks!

  2. Chelle Roberts says:

    Thank you for sharing. I agree that it is best that we consider hiring professional paint contractors than doing the job ourselves. Also, it is true that we should check their portfolios and make some background checking by talking to previous clients before deciding. This will give us peace of mind.

  3. Nadine Sucuangco says:

    Wow! The tips for hiring paint contractors are very informative. Now, people will have ideas on how to choose the best paint contractors for their house.

  4. jnb says:

    Great article! I do have one question though. Do all professional paint contractors need to have their licenses? If so, what kind of license I need to look for?

    • ContractorGuy says:

      It is best to deal with a professionally licensed painter. This minimizes your risks. However, there are some painters that are great at what they do but are just not licensed. This is your choice if you want to deal with them. For a licensed painter, they will have a license that can be verified by your State’s licensing board (at least in the U.S.)

  5. David C. says:

    I don’t know why I didn’t think of going to a paint store and asking about paint contractors. I used an amateur who was a friend of a friend to paint my house and it was a disaster. Good advice. Next time I’ll go where the professionals are.

  6. Mitzie Lopez says:

    Agree! Painting a house is for the professionals. Otherwise, if we do it ourselves or hire someone who lacks professional experience, we may end up spending a whole lot more!

  7. Lindsey says:

    I didn’t know that paint contractors needed a license. I always see the signs on the side of the road, “College students painting job” or so on. And these are just random kids painting whatever. I see the importance of a paint contractor now.

    • ContractorGuy says:

      Yeah, you can deal with a random kid or moonlighter. Or you can deal with a licensed professional. It’s your choice.

  8. Andy Wood says:

    Having used many different contractors in the renovations of my house, I couldn’t agree more. How can you possibly judge a professional without knowledge of their past work. Furthermore, why wouldn’t a contractor carry a portfolio with them? Shouldn’t they be proud of the work they do?

  9. Layla Summers says:

    I think there are some valid points in the article. Especially tips on how to select a painter through recommendation. Referrals are a good way to select someone to come into your home because this way you know that they are reliable. You as the customer don’t want to hand over the keys to a stranger and find that you have been burgled by your painter. I t does happen and it can happen to you!

  10. Maria Cybelle Go says:

    This article is extremely helpful especially for those who are moving into a new home or renovating their current house. The most helpful tip is to check the contractor’s portfolios, since finished work and satisfied customers are the most reliable source of review

  11. Beena SC Nair says:

    Nice suggestions.The best one listed is to find a contractor with reference of our business cycle,or official circle with reference, as this contractor will pay attention of not charging more ,doing the work with perfection so as to maintain his goodwill in the circle.

  12. kannan says:

    Yes true.Agree all the points are relevant.when hiring an improper contractor not only our money and time are wasted but also the interiors and outdoors of building becomes affected.Some may not finish the work in proper time and also leave the work as it is.

  13. LisaK says:

    I agree with you here. My friend once hired someone off the street to do their living room and boy what a mess she had! Knowing who you are hiring, someone with a portfolio, and references is the way to go! Our local hardware store has a list of well known painters in our area. Its nice to have that information close at hand.

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