Plumbing Services: The Various Services Provided by a Plumber

plumbing services


A good plumber is a reliable and trustworthy expert who is able to handle all your plumbing problems. Estimate of the work that you need this professional to do will be provided either free or charge. A good expert is experienced, works round the clock and certified to do the work by the authority.

The following are the services that are available.

  • Plumbing repairs shall be offered and if you have a leaky faucet it can be repaired.
  • Water line repairs can also be provided to you as well as unclogging drains.
  • Your garbage disposal may be repaired and they may also clean your drains.
  • Toilets can be repaired as well as your water heaters whether gas or electric.

Other services include:

  • installation of plumbing systems
  • install toilets, kitchen sinks, water heater and bathtub
  • installation of water, gas and sewer lines

With good experts who have many years in the industry, customer satisfaction is a guarantee and price of a job will be determined before the engagement.

They will also offer permanent solutions to a plumbing problem for the first time of their service. They are well groomed, trained and services are given a professional touch. At your own convenient time, the company should be ready for an appointment.

Replacement parts should be guaranteed. Quality services need be provided by a good entity and a quick response team is available round the clock to cater for emergency services and the client should not pay an extra fee. They should also reach your premises within the shortest time possible.

With a professional plumbing company, quality checks are available to ensure that the work is done as per the specification of clients. The plumber will use their experience to carry out background and underground checks. A reliable entity will be licensed and insured.

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33 Responses to Plumbing Services: The Various Services Provided by a Plumber

  1. bryan says:

    All that he says about plumbers are really true and appropriate, it helps with the readers to get to know what it really takes to be a plumber! Yes, being a plumber does require mastery of work and has the capacity to effectively solve our problems! With this article, I learned how to never doubt our plumbers!

  2. Adriana Palomo says:

    It’s funny how people believe that they can do a plumber’s job cause it seems “easy” to do, but it requires more than people think. There’s a reason why there are professionals out there.

    • ContractorGuy says:

      You’re right Adriana. Everything that “seems” easy ain’t easy. Trying to save a dollar could cost you big time!

  3. rinachan says:

    Thanks for the informative article! I thought plumbers only deal with dirt, but after reading this site, I learned that it’s all about keeping the pipes in households and buildings well-connected and clean.

  4. LYKA says:

    It’s good to get licensed plumbing experts; quality of work is secured and you get professional advise. Also you wont spend too much dollars on frequent repairs.

  5. Oscar Gómez Jiménez says:

    It’s very nice of you sharing this information for people who still have doubts about the best way to address their plumbing issues…. I myself am looking for a certified and qualified company in order to make sure that all replacement parts will be guaranteed and avoid past problems due to a weak planification…. thank you!

  6. Lauren says:

    Thanks for sharing this info! It’s definitely good to know what services a reputable plumber should provide and what to look out for to avoid being taken advantage of. I wouldn’t think to make sure that replacement parts are guaranteed.

  7. maxinne says:

    I do agree as well!!! I have a close friend who is also a plumber, he’s very dedicated to his work and according to this article, a Plumber is trustworthy. Correct!!! you can’t be a plumber if the people that hire you can’t trust you in your field of expertise! We really need plumbers like that! We think that its an easy job, but its not, they really mean a lot to us, we just don’t know it yet, until we needed them.

  8. Sarfaraz says:

    Yes, Its is right…. It is always a very good idea to hire the service of a Certified and Licensed plumber. Somebody who gives a free estimate and also some kind of warranty on the work that is done. Always good to have warranty……

  9. Sehar says:

    Plumbing is a service that a person requires multiple times in the life. Having a reliable’ well trained and experienced worker I something that can make someone’s life a lot easier and safe. It is important to maintain a proper plumbing system at all time to keep ones surrounding sanitary and not basic safety hazard. Help with gas and electricity come as added bonus.

  10. Anita Walia says:

    At home we can fix only few things but only temporarily. For better results, we always need professional help and i think the plumber services mentioned above will be of great help.

  11. biribiri123 says:

    I never knew I could avail of so many services from professional plumbers. We’ve always done repairs by ourselves in the household, but seeing this I think switching to contracting professional help would really help our house condition in the long run.

  12. Nandy says:

    Most of the time when we move to a new house we may fail to checkout the pipelines. If you have any problem, first inform to the house owner before calling a plumber by yourself. They may have an experienced and a well known plumber. In my personal experience I done a mistake, I came to know that my kitchen sink is leaking so I called out an plumber from some xyz service,somehow the work starts to grow and cost also high. since I called him personally house-owner was not willing to share the repair cost, then I need to pay him the full charge.

  13. Julie Ann Sta Terea says:

    I believe only skilled plumbers can give the best services that a real plumbing crisis needs. It will also save the household a lot of hassle if a skilled plumber can do a maintenance check regularly.

  14. Roxanne Andrews says:

    I’ve lived in rentals all my life, so I’ve experienced numerous plumbing problems and had to deal with many plumbing companies. The worst is always the lack of communication – a stranger comes in your home, and more often than not they assess the situation and begin working on it without ever explaining to you what they’re doing, what the problem is, and what they intend to do to resolve it. I really appreciate the plumber taking the time to show me precisely what is happening, and explain exactly how they doing the work.

  15. vitalicio says:

    I’d really like to know from anyone if younger plumbers are more adept at using modern tools than the veterans? I’m quite worried when I call an older plumber because he might not be using new tools and techniques and that that might cause sloppier or slower work. Any comments?

    • ContractorGuy says:

      Hi vitalicio, I can’t speak for all plumbers, but if you’re dealing with a skilled and certified plumber who guarantees their work, then this is really something that you do not have to be concerned about. Different plumbers may use different tools and techniques, but the bottom line is that the finished job is a quality one.

  16. Jessica Baron says:

    A good plumber is invaluable. We should never take them for granted! My family has been lucky enough to receive the services of a professional recently, who provided us with a free estimate before making the necessary repairs.

  17. Aneshka says:

    I had an experience before in my apartment. The water wouldn’t stop coming out of the faucet even though I turned the knob already. I tweaked something under the sink and forcibly turned the faucet knob again. In the end, I ended up breaking the handle and wasting the gushing water all night. I called a plumber immediately to fix it in the morning. Lesson: Ask an expert if you are not one.

    • ContractorGuy says:

      Thanks for your comment Aneshka! That’s one heckuva a short story and wise advice 😉

  18. Onyx Kenlie says:

    The plumbing service is one of the most important service and it was well exemplified in the article. The article highlighted the significance of a plumber’s service.

  19. Nico Mallo says:

    It really saves the day when we have someone who can help us with our troubles inside our home. I might say they are good with what they are doing and I must also learn how to do the basic thing as we need that in our everyday life. Customer satisfaction is what they really want, so they have a good quality of services they offered. Salute to our hardworking plumbers!

  20. bongpong says:

    It’s always better to seek help from professional plumbers than to do repairs by yourself. You might end up damaging more than fixing. Also, professional plumbers always see to it that their service is always of quality!

  21. I once hired a cousin’s boyfriend to fix the leaky kitchen faucet because she said he was a good plumber. Turned out to be one of the most expensive mistakes I have ever made. Instead of having just a small drip, there was a flood in the kitchen floor when I got home. Needless to say I have learned my lessons: one, never hire a relative or a relative’s significant other and more importantly, two, hire someone who is a licensed professional all the time.

  22. Ann Margarette Cayetano says:

    Whenever we’re having faucet leaks at home, or anything that we have to repair in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry area my husband’s trying to fix it all by himself. However, since he is not a professional plumber, and of course he is not well experienced in this field, we always end up calling the best person to handle such situation, a professional plumber. We usually pay a bit more than what is expected, but I can say that it is very much worth it than to keep on repairing it all by ourselves incorrectly.

  23. Albert Pascual says:

    Everyone needs professional help. May it be a simple task or something complicated, the job is always guaranteed with a trusted plumber.

  24. iamdenisemarrylou says:

    Anyone can learn to plumb a house or commercial but being a good and reliable service plumber is a skill. I know a friend. He was fortunate to work for a company that did it all. He works round the clock and ran service calls. It really helps to have people skills too.

  25. iballisticbunny says:

    The estimation of work being provided free or charge is slightly strange. I’m curious, under what circumstances would the estimation be free, and under what circumstances would there be a charge just for examining the place? Either way in most circumstances, I would go for the free estimation for sure.

    • ContractorGuy says:

      Most plumbers provide free estimates, this is not usual. Situations will vary as far as estimates, so it’s best to check with various plumbers in your area.

  26. Johan Te says:

    This is why I prefer to actually call someone who knows what he’s doing because in the long run you just save your self a lot of trouble and the effort. They tell you the problem and actually get it done rather than you just trying to guess what it is. Just because you have Youtube at home doesn’t mean you can fix an entire pipeline.

  27. Erica Jalandoni says:

    Hello! I can’t help but appreciate our plumbers who work hard and get down and dirty to fix our pipes! I salute to all you plumber out there for working in the industry.They are a vital part of our community.

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