Porter Cable 690LVRS – Same Design, Improves Features

The Porter Cable 690LVRS is a more powerful version of the previous 690 model. It has been improved from 1.5 HP to a massive 1.75HP and the speed ranges from 10,000 to 23,000 and is variable on this 10amp unit.

Some 690LVRS Facts

*Length: 12ins.
*Width: 5.5ins.
*Height: 85/8ins
*Weight: 8lbs

Porter Cables 690LVRS has an interchangeable base which is totally compatible with the manufacturers other bases like the standard base, the D-handled base, the plunge base and of course the router table. This feature is extremely popular amongst users and the company have managed to keep the motor casing size consistent whilst increasing the power this tool is capable of allowing this complete flexibility.

For increased convenience also the interchangeability of the motor on this particular model has been made unbelievably quick and easy – not only for adjusting height but also changing bits. It boasts and easy to operate lever base motor release which can be used easily whilst the router is being used on a router table or freehand. All you have to do is release the lever, adjust the motor up or down using a twisting action then relock – simple as that!

This model has one added safety feature – a drop lock which stops the motor falling out when in use under a router table and a further adjustment has been made to the switch. The other model of this router had a toggle type switch, this has now been replaced and the 690LVRS Router has been given a sealed rocker switch. The sealing is very efficient at stopping dust from penetrating and causing your router to breakdown

Another great improvement can be seen on the handles, these have been ergonomically re-designed so that theyfit better into the hand giving greatly improved grip.

With the exception of these adjustments the overall design of the 690LVRS router which has been so popular remains unchanged, and this model still has its flat top allowing it to be free standing up-side-down whilst bits are changed.

In all the performance of the Porter Cable 690LRVS router is unmatched in its class, it cuts with great accuracy on a variety of material. In fact, it has a micrometer depth adjuster which allows it to cut to within 1/128th of an inch. Who can complain about that?

There are other models available in the Porter Cable 690 router range such as the Porter Cable 690LR which has all the features of the 690LRVS but without the variable speed.

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