Puronics Whole Home Water Filtration System Information From A Puronics Authorized Dealer

As a factory endorsed Puronics dealer and water treatment specialist, we we receive lots of questions regarding which whole home water softener will give you the greatest results for that hard central Texas water. Considering the variety of different choices with different levels of effectiveness, below are a few models to consider which we’re feeling provide the most effective water softening and conditioning performance your money can buy within the Austin vicinity (or really any community for that matter).

FILTRAMAX Stainless-steel Water Softener & Filter System

The FILTRAMAX could be the ultimate solution for the greatest quality water through your whole house. The FILTRAMAX state-of-the-art features incorporate a #316 stainless steel filter media reservoir and lead free brass control valve. The FILTRAMAX utilizes four filtering medias to lessen chlorine tastes as well as odors, reduce iron and turbidity, get rid of hardness and separate out suspended solids. The FILTRAMAX uses Puronics HYgene filter media which functions as an anti-bacterial agent within the filter media base.


Uses four filter medias to improve water
Minimizes chlorine taste and odors
Reduces iron and turbidity
Strips water hardness and filters suspended solids in the water

Puronics Clarius

The perfect solution for water problems is now going green
Once again, Puronics has enhanced the engineering of water treatment with the launch of the brand new Clarius whole-house system. Together with the inclusion of Eco-friendly technology, Clarius supplies high-quality water in an affordable manner without employing salt, potassium or chemical substances. You can enjoy the rewards, lower your expenses and know you are doing your part to protect the environment.

No salt, no potassium, with no nasty chemicals
Lead free brass control valve
Stainless filtration media tank
Purifex media employs eco-friendly technologies to condition water
Altapure effectively eliminates suspended solids

Puronics Terminator Stainless Water Conditioner

The Terminator Water Conditioner includes Puronics HYgene Bacteriostatic Filtration Media, a NASA technological innovation. The Terminator may be the only stainless Bacteriostatic water conditioner out there that has been certified to NSF/ANSI44 standards. Puronics distinctive high capacity resin gets rid of hardness and lowers iron. Environmental protection agency registered HYgene carbon suppresses bacteria growth inside system, and provides conditioned fresh water throughout your whole house!

Terminator Series Features:

High capacity resin lowers hardness and iron
Environmental protection agency registered carbon
Suppresses bacteria growth in water system
Provides freshwater throughout entire home

If you need a water softener or conditioner in Austin, contact Texas Water Solutions today to get a no cost hassle-free repair quote today!

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