Quick Steps for Easy Door Installations!

Replacing an old door with a new one is something that do-it-yourselfers can do with much ease as long as he sticks with the basic steps for doing so. Whether you want to change your main entrance to go with your home makeover or to simply bring in more light to the house, installing doors is as easy as ABC’s when you know the rules. Do not wait for years until you can bring in the brightness that you’ve always wanted in your house through your houe openings. Your home seals improvement can be done in a snap.

Your Primary Goal

Doors come in variety. There are for entry, combination screen and storm doors and the interiors. Replacing each of them is not as complicated as it sounds. You only have to repeat a series of process and it only gets complicated as locks progress in number. It is best to check with manufacturers for instructions of removing the old one with something new.

Now, your primary goal would be to get rid of your old entry. To do so, take off the hinges by wedging them under the outer corners. Do not dump the old structure yet, as you will need it to pattern your new one with in terms of size. For hanging doors, simply tap the pin before completely pulling it out of place. Hinges like this are usually attached halfway to the frame and to the door. You can start from the bottm all the way up. As soon as the hinges are unattached, you can now separate it from the frame.

More Easy To Follow Steps

You can reuse the original hinges from the old one or use new ones that usually come with the new replacement. If you want to keep the old pieces, use a sandpaper to buff them. You can also have them sprayed with a protective coating. The new pieces should also be one and the same in terms of size with the old piece.

Afterwards, it is now high time to screw the new hinges to the frame. Longer screws are better as they keep the hinges intack with the stud-wall framing as well. This will provide a good measure of security. Now, if the new replacement is not the same size with the old entry, you will have to trim it by using the old one as your pattern. If the old one is already very much warped and damaged, you can still do trimming via getting measurements of the old one. Take into account your flooring, as this will need extra clearance at the bottom.

Trimming can be done using a fine-toothed saw and a jack plane for the edges. Next step will be to prepare your new replacement for the hinges. For a fair weight distribution, three pieces of hinges can well support the whole hardware. As soon as the new one is attached, it would be nice to apply coatings for the edges as they make good sealants for wood. Open and re-open your new home component to check for polishing needs and support.

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