Redoing your Bathroom on a Budget

Your bathroom is your sanctuary that you use to unwind after a busy day and to reinvigorate in preparation for the next day. It is then important that it be a welcoming place for you to provide the needed relaxation. However, many people underrate the importance of bathroom design and favor the design of the rest of the house.

You might not have put in much effort and investment to have the bathroom well designed. If you did, maybe now you think that it looks a bit dilapidated. You will find some ideas in this article that could be useful while giving your bathroom a facelift. Paint is what sets the mood and theme for the bath room and it is important to choose a color that matches that of your tiles. A good idea for the paint could be calming blue or purple. You could then add several artistic graffitis on the walls to add a new twist to it all. The bathroom cabinets should be painted the same color as the walls.

Invest in good fabrics to add texture to your bathroom. If you use shower curtains you want to consider buying new ones, preferably in a color that matches that of the bathroom mat you are using. Do not forget that you will need new towels. If your budget does not allow you to buy all new ones (good quality towels come at a high price) then you can have just a few in a color that complement the existing ones.

Mirrors tend to increase the size of any room. To create the feeling of a lot of open space in your bath room invest in mirrors. Accessorize the mirrors with creative frames to give the design a whole new twist. The frame could be of the same color as the wall or a color like gold to contrast. The choice is yours.

Invest in good quality ceramics. Your tiles and sinks need to be of high quality to avoid scratching and cracking. However, if your tiles are old it may be expensive to replace them so use good quality tile paint on them. The paint should be the same color as their original color.

You could add a new twist to your sink with colored soaps, preferably of a different color from your sink. In the corner of your bath room you can have a rubbish collection basket to put waste in such as soap wrappers and other bathroom garbage. Have the rubbish removal people come once or twice a week. You could combine the trash with that of the rest of the house or let them do all the work. Most of the waste from the bathroom is not recyclable.

With a small budget plumbing costs should be kept down to the bare minimum. Keep your old plumbing. This means that all the fittings like you tub and sinks should be kept in their original position to avoid having to add to the existing plumbing.

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