Residential Carpet Cleaning Keeps Homes Looking And Smelling Clean

At the turn of the 20th century, the best way to clean the carpets was to drag them outside the home and beat them using a rattan rug beater. However, once homes were equipped with wall-to-wall carpets that were attached to the floor, this was no longer possible. Today, when needing residential carpet cleaning Conway residents can call professionals.

The most popular method to care for the carpets in one’s home is called a steam clean. In actuality, this process does not use steam but hot water, sometimes with added chemicals that dislodge and dissolve the dirt while quickly extracting the liquid using a wet vac. In addition to being popular, this method is most often recommend by manufacturers.

With the hot water method, little to no detergent is used. Other methods require more detergent, which can leave detergent residue. This residue then dissolved dirt and grime from shoe soles. As a result, carpets can be soiled soon after being cleaned.

The disadvantage of the system is that it is impossible to remove all the water used. Most of the high end commercial methods of removal provide effective extraction, but some rental or less expensive machines for consumer use may leave enough water to encourage growth of mold. Any moisture left by the commercial machines will quickly evaporate before causing a problem, especially with heating, air conditioning or ventilation.

Most of the time, commercial cleaners use truck mounted equipment. This requires running hoses from the driveway into the home. This type equipment is generally more effective as it heats the water and provides a better vacuum.

If the floors in your home have lost the beauty that was there when first installed, there is no need to take them outside to use a rug beater. For effective residential carpet cleaning conway residents can call the professionals. They ensure the rugs in a home have a new look and feel.

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