Review Of These Superb Aqua Pool Cleaners

Feel you ought to be enjoying your pool instead of spending your time cleaning it? In search of far more time and lower expenses? Fed up with the bother and cost of often replacing your major pool filter? Trying to find an alternative to paying for pool cleaning and to ensure far better use of the chemicals you get? Then a potent and intelligent Aquabot Turbo is a great option for you! Just plug the Aquabot Turbo in, drop into your pool, turn it on and sit back, appreciate a cool drink or time with your kids while the aquabot turbo gets on with itstask.

The Aquabot Turbo comes equipped having a computerized microprocessor and sensors that permit it to adjust to any shape, size and type of pool. This electronic brain permits the Aquabot Turbo pool cleaner to brush, scrub, and filter dirt from swimming pool floors , the full length and breadth of the pool. It truly is this advanced engineering that permits the Aquabot to climb the sides and most access points, as well as working about ladders and raised drains, and go into and about corners of pools of any dimensions.

The lightweight Aquabot Turbo operates entirely independent of your main pool filter, eliminating the need for inconvenient, bulky hoses that could tangle on ladders. This is brought about by the turbo having a unique filtration pump and re-usable filter bag located inside its body, which is able to clean and purify over 4 thousand of gallons of water per hour. The filter bag has a huge capacity to hold twigs along with other dirt and can be easily removed for periodic cleaning.

The Aquabot Turbo has the ability to considerably decrease your pool bills by lowering the frequency of wasteful backwashing, saving thousands of gallons of water per year and reducing chemical usage by up to as 30%. Furthermore, the heavy-duty pumping action results in greater water circulation, raising the overall water temperature, decreasing heating costs and generating a far more even distribution of chemicals. Not only that, but by utilizing the Aquabot Turbo you can even decrease the running time of your swimming pool’s filtration systems by as much as 60%.

The Aquabot Turbo is also available as a Remote Control (RC) model which has all the same capabilities and performance plus the added advantage of a bi-directional remote control for which provides the user the increased flexibility and convenience of directing the cleaner to a certain region of the pool. For example, where dirt has accumulated or algal growth is especially strong
Average running costs for both models are just about 10c per day as well as a pre-set automatic shutdownfacilityfeature makes sure that there is certainly no over cleaning and wasteful energy usage. Fabricated from corrosion proof components and with fewer than 10 moving parts, the Aquabot Turbo needs only a tiny amount or no maintenance. It has a one year warranty for that extra piece of mind.
Every single Aquabot Turbo comes completelalong with with an instructional video to explain just how simple and effortless pool cleaning could be! You truly can just take the Aquabot Turbo out of the box and put it inside your pool with no Installation required!

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