Reviewing The Bosch Miter Saws

Electric miter saw

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For cutting joints for frame work on houses. Precision furniture making, cabinets and boxes. Picture frames can be cut really quickly and precisely. For work on the building sites the Miter saw is a good addition when you carry around one of these to let you cut the joints. Bosch make a gravity rise saw stand with wheels, great for moving the tool into place.

Jobs This Type Of Saw Is Good For

Put in a better quality blade and you can use this saw for cabinet making type of finer wood work, such as making furniture. For the construction of individualised kitchens and furniture for other rooms, wardrobe perhaps.

Out Of The Box – Bosch Miter Saw

The saw comes with a 12 inch 60T blade and a tool-less material clamp. There is a spanner for when you want to change the blade for another one. Also in the box is a dust chute elbow with an adapter for using the vacuum dust bag.

Technical Points Of The Saw

You have the marked miter detents that are adjustable for roof pitch angles for example. They are easy to set up on the saw at the front. The handle is ambidextrous so even left handed people can use the saw without it being awkward. The GCM12SD Model has a 1800 watt motor and will run at speeds of 3,800 rpm.

Checklist When Buying A Miter Saw

You don’t want a saw that vibrates too much as that will affect the quality of the cut if there is too much movement. See if there is a laser included or do you have to buy one to fit after, maybe from a third part supplier.

Saw Accessories – Included or available as after market items

Gravity Miter saw stand Standard saw stand with extra supports for longer material to be cut Insert to cut dado and to cut with the rabbet cutters Supports for Crown Mouldings.

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