Reviews Of Two Fantastic Hayward Pool Cleaners

Do you wish that a pool cleaner could not only thoroughly clean your pool from top to bottom, but also skim the surface for floating debris? Most ordinary pressure cleaners do vacuum the pools walls, bottom and sides. The Hayward Phantom not just does all this to a high standard, but unlike ordinary cleaners, the Phantom Turbo makes use of its water jets to rise to the top to skim debris from the water surface! Now that’s the clever cleaner that we have been waiting for. Put the pool net inside the garbage and pour yourself a cool drink!

This capacity to rise to the top has made the Hayward Phantom Turbo 1 of the most effective selling automatic pool cleaners inside the industry. Designed for in ground pools constructed with tile, gunite, fiberglass and vinyl and utilizing Hayward’s patented AquaDrive water-jet-propulsion program technology, the Phantom Turbo thoroughly cleans every single inch of the pool, such as corners and steps, in 3 hours or much less. It achieves this because it has bigger nozzles as well as a far more effective sweep hose compared to other models on the market.

A big suction inlet and 3 high-pressure water jets enable it to pick up major pieces of debris like leaves, twigs, pine needles and acorns, without missing particles as small as a grain of sand. Yet another bonus feature of the Hayward Phantom Turbo is that it can be equipped with an ample 6-quart capacity debris bag to collect material which means emptying it less generally. The Phantom has been designed with no cloth seals that could easily turn out to be clogged with sand or other small particles. The owner is also able to customize the programmable cleaning pattern the Phantom Turbo uses.

The Phantom Turbo is really simple to install and these marketplace leading results are achieved by utilizing a effective Booster Pump (for example the Hayward 6060 3/4 horse power pump) that’s out there to be bought separately and provides consistent water pressure even when your filtration method needs cleaning.

A different excellent option to think about will be the Hayward Aquavac Tiger Shark pool cleaner, accessible in original, plus and QC Models.

The TigerShark robotic swimming pool cleaners come equipped with an on-board, smart computer and sensors that permit them to map any shape, size (up to 20ft X40ft) and sort of in-ground pool and are able to brush, scrub, vacuum and filter your entire pool. TigerSharks are the very first portable cleaners to feature an easy clean reinforced cartridge filter with an impressive area of six square feet! That means no bags to empty, just remove and rinse using a garden hose just before replacing.

It is no surprise that AquaVac, the organization chosen to provide pool cleaners for the past six Olympic Games, has again produced such outstanding items. After calculating the size of the pool the TigerSharks devise probably the most energy efficient path just before roving the bottom, walls, inclines and access points scrubbing and sucking up dirt and debris.

All of the TigerShark goods are incredibly energy efficient and have a convenient shut-off function to eliminate unnecessary power consumption. They’re pretty straightforward to operate, just take them out of the box, plug them in and you are ready to go!

The TigerShark original cleans your pool in 3 hours then automatically shuts off at the end of the cleaning cycle. What’s far more it comes with a 1 year unconditional warranty as standard.

The TigerShark PLUS provides all the exact same good functions as the original but having a preset 7 hour cleaning cycle and and wireless remote control to manoeuvre around the pool bottom with ease or spot clean whenever a full cleaning cycle isn’t necessary. The TigerShark PLUS comes having a 3 year unconditional warranty as regular.

The TigerShark QC will be the newest and most advanced item within the AquaVac stable. Equipped with patented Fast Clean technology it cleans your pool in only one hour! It too comes having a generous 3 year unconditional warranty!

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