Robert Abbey Bathroom Lighting

Developing a lighting plan for your bathroom requires some thought as you want the illumination to be both practical and inviting. When you think about it, the bathroom is the room we wake up in to begin our day whether for work or play! And it’s often the room in which we end our day! To help you achieve that “oasis”, Robert Abbey Lighting offers a wide range of quality and fashionable bathroom lighting fixtures that will light up your bathroom in an inviting manner.

Recessed canned lights are perfect for “task lighting” areas in the bathroom, such as above the toilet and for the shower ceiling. Recessed lights are very low-profile, you don’t really notice them and they certainly don’t take up any space. To add some style to those lights, you can add trim which is available in all styles to match the other lighting fixtures in the room. In addition, the recessed can lights can be installed in a new construction or a remodel. New construction recessed can lights will come with the necessary fixture, wiring and junction box as a complete package. On the other hand, if you are installing for remodel recessed can lights, you’ll just need to purchase the light as the junction box is already installed in the ceiling. Another alternative to those “task areas” in the bathroom would be flush-mount fixtures. Flush-mount fixtures have more of a profile than recessed lights but you will also find a wide range of styles from which to choose.

One of the most important lighting areas of the bathroom is the vanity area. Let’s face it, we all spend alot of time in front of those mirrors. Most bathrooms feature overhead lighting, yet this type of lighting causes a shadow. A wall scone graced on both sides of a mirror actually provides more even illumination and resists shadows. Robert Abbey Lighting features many sconce collections in numerous styles such as modern, transitional, traditional. For the decorator who wants to embellish the home with brilliance, their Bling Sconce is the perfect selection. Suitable for any style décor, this design features a steel structure surrounded by glass drops that refract light for a dramatic update to any room.

You’ll also need to consider “ambient lighting” in your lighting plan for the bathroom. This is the general lighting which will provide the most illumination for the room. The most common fixtures to achieve this are pendants and chandeliers. Both are very popular as a way of decorating and lighting bathrooms today. Keep in mind, your pendant or chandelier should blend in style with your wall scone to give the room a harmonious feel. For example, if you choose to use the Bling Wall Sconce for your vanity the matching Robert Abbey Lighting Bling Chandelier would be the perfect choice. A gorgeous fixture which will add radiance to your room!

Layering your lighting scheme to provide for task, ambient and accent lighting in your bathroom and blending styles are the best ways to achieve practical and fashionable illumination.

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