Roofers On The Job In Modern Society

Although women can work in any job they are interested in today, men are usually the ones we see on the rooftops, nailing on shingles and tearing off old roofs. It is an extremely difficult job and takes a person with a great deal of strength to be able to install, repair and remove roofs from businesses and residences. The nature of the job ensures that the roofers will be out in the hot sun during the summer months and not working at all during cold, harsh winter months. The seasonal factor about the job makes it one that many people cannot work with. It requires periods of layoffs and, if the economy is weak, few jobs coming in.

Men who work in this industry can work in industrial roofing or residential roofing. They might work for a company that does both, but most companies specialize in either one or the other. Today, we have machines that do some of the difficult tasks, such as lifting heavy bundles of shingles onto a high roof.

The cranes and other machinery available today can lift two or three tons and hold it at a level where the workers can easily access it. Industrial jobs will often have machines that spread the tar paper or other materials that are being used on that particular job. A roofer will be exposed to the heat and danger from steep roofs or extremely high roofs.

At times, they must work at a quick pace to get a covering over the roof before the interior of the home or building is damaged by severe weather, like rain and hail. He will be working in the humidity, the sun, the rain and sometimes even snow, to get some kind of covering on before it is too late.

A roofer will be buying clothes and shoes regularly because the wear and tear on these items will require it. The shoes and clothes worn by a roofer should be light but durable. The more durable they are, the longer they will last. A roofer should not expect his shoes to last for longer than a few months. They should be replaced before there are holes in the soles, as the wrong footwear can be extremely hazardous for a roofer. He should make sure that his knees and ankles are supported at all times. He must not be afraid of heights and should possess a good sense of balance.

Sometimes there are workers on the ground, typically called “groundhogs.” These individuals work to clean up old shingles, nails and other trash that gets thrown off the roof onto the ground. They are there to shorten the time it takes to get the job done and to make sure all roof debris, especially nails, are disposed of properly.

Roofing is a trade that is always highly in need. People sometimes have a need for a roofer when they do not have the money to get the required repairs done. A roofer can make good pay in this industry but he should not forget that the job is seasonal and during some periods of the year, he simply will not be able to work at all.

It is very important for roofers to have good insurance coverage. This is vital because the job is very risky and he will want to keep his family protected. He will be working high in the air, on jobs that may take him many stories up into the air.

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