Rotary Lawn Mowers and Riding Lawn Mowers Explained

When you come to deciding which rotary mower is best for you, you will have to access your wants and needs. Gas-powered rotary mowers can be divided into two categories: walk-behind rotary mowers and riding mowers (also called lawn tractors).

The walk-behind rotary mowers can be broken down even further depending on if it’s a self-propelled or push mower. The recommended retail prices between these styles of rotary mowers can fluctuate hugely, but to give you a simple picture, riding mowers are the most expensive, second only to self-propelled mowers. Push mowers are often the most inexpensive, most probably because to be moved they need you to use your muscles and supply the man power.

Self-propelled rotary lawn mowers require the operator to squeeze a bar to engage the mower, causing the machine to take off – you just have to steer the direction in which it goes. If you release your grip on the bar, the mower blade stops spinning. Simple, but effective. For the higher-end self-propelled rotary mowers, the drive system does not shut off when you release the bar – a convenient feature, in case you’d like to transport the lawn mower from point X to point Y without cutting grass along the way.

The main points of difference between lawn tractors and riding lawn mowers is in where the cutting deck is fitted. On lawn tractors the cutting deck is mid-mounted, but on riding lawn mowers the cutting deck is directly underneath the front of the mower. The idea of the cutting deck being place under the front of riding lawn mowers is so to create a mower with vastly improved manoeuvrability. This is the number one thing to consider when, as an example, your garden has a large number of shrubs that need to be avoided within it. Riding lawn mowers and lawn tractors both boast the ability with an array of accessories and add-ons, a much harder to find and time consuming issue with other conventional mowers.

As with all lawn mowers, caution must be exercised when operating riding lawn mowers and lawn tractors. While providing them with a vehicle may seem like a great way to get the kids to mow the lawn without complaining, only those mature enough to handle heavy equipment should be allowed to operate riding lawn mowers and lawn tractors.

Make sure you pick a mower that is in your price range that falls in line with the needs and the standards that you have given it. Rotary mowers are the most popular lawn mower style across the world. Hopefully that will tell you something positive about your decision. Care for your rotary well and it will still be operational in many years to come.

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